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AnswerBrowsing is used to describe casual looking through material generally with nothing specific in mind.

Searching describes looking for something specific, and generally by entering search terms at a search engine to find information you want.

Browsing is scanning the worldwide web through links from one site to another or one page to another. Searching on the other hand refers to looking for specific pieces of information using search engines.

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Q: What is the difference between searching and browsing?
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What is the difference between searching and browsing the internet?

Searching could mean you are looking for something specific and browsing could be taken as you are looking around at multiple things or not looking as hard.

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There Is no difference

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Online browsing and searching is when you use the internet to look for information. This is a powerful tool that is used by most people today when searching for information.

What is searchig and browsing?

When being refferenced to Searching and Browsing, I'd say it was using the internet. Broswering the Internet and Searching. Hope this helped.

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me too searching!!

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Downloading saves files on your PC while browsing doesn't save any files (well, maybe cookies).

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me too searching!!

Is there a difference between surfing and searching the web?

Surfing is more like just looking around and searching usually has a goal in mind.

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