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he is the Safeway store manager

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Q: What is the difference between store manager and general manager?
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What is the difference between store and stores management?

he is the Safeway store manager

What is the difference between a general manager district manager and area manager?

General Manager hiring process orientation, meal privilege and uniform. The reason: Yes it's covid-19 but return back to work. No real General Manager. How do I report write on individual if never been approved by District Manger or Regional Manager?

What is difference between Walmart assistant manager and Walmart co manager?

Co-Managers do a variety of different tasks including, but not limited to dealing with the store manager and the assistant managers and all the way down. They report directly to the store manager and typically don't do a whole lot other than the store managers paperwork and asssit the assistant managers with any concerns they may have.

How much does the general store manager of asda earn?

depends with store size.

How much does a store manager make at caseys general store?

40k a year

Is there a difference between Crisco branch shortening and store brand shortening?

In general there is no noticeable difference other than the price.

What is the difference between territory manager area manager and zonal manager?

A territory manager is going to have the widest area to cover as they are the people that also control the area manager and the zonal manager. The area manager might deal with a group of stores and the zonal manager might have just one store.

What is the difference between an enterprise and general merchandise?

There is a huge difference between an enterprise and a general merchandise. An enterprise means a project, a business or a company. A general merchandise on the other hand is a wholesale or retail store that does not deal with any specific category of products.

How much does a manager at Casey's general store make?

40k a year

Dollar General store manager typically earns how much per year?

A dollar general store manager makes around 30,000 a year when they are first hired in. It depends on the area, sales volume for the store you are being hired in, your experience, and the economy!

Who can you call at Home Depot headquarters to compalin about a store manager?

I would like to contact General Manager Representatiive for a certain store in Los Angeles Area who would that be?

How much money does a auto dealer general manager earn?

The average General Manager of a new car franchise makes about $240k per year. A General Manager running an extremely profitable store can make $500k-1 million.