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What is the difference between straw and hay?

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Hay is dried grass or legumes (like alfalfa).

Straw is the dried stalks of harvested cereals, such as wheat, barley, and oats.

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What is the difference between hay straw and propane?

the difference between hay and straw is that horses eat hay and straw is a bedding.

What is the difference between straw and hay as mulch?

The difference between hay and straw as mulch lies in straw being cleaner and having fewer seeds in general and fewer weed seeds in particular.

What is the difference between hay and straw?

Straw is hollow stalks from threshed wheat and such while hay is harvested and dried clover, alfafa, etc.

Which to choose hay or straw?

to eat hay. to sleep on straw or a mixture of both hay and straw

Does hay or straw have nutrients?

Hay has nutritive value; straw does not.

What is the hay that you feed horses with?

Hay is usually dried grasses. It may contain legumes such as alfalfa or clovers as well. The main difference between hay and straw is that straw is what's left over after the grain of a cereal grass has been been extracted. It consists mainly of dried stems and leaves and has a lower nutritional value than hay. Straw is mainly used for bedding, while hay is primarily used for fodder.

Are scarecrows stuffed with straw or hay?


Will the knight find straw being used in their house or their land?

Straw is hay and hay is grown. There were large acres of hay grown.

What is better for rabbits hay or straw?

Straw is better.

Why feed horses hay and not straw?

Because straw is harder than hay and straw will get stuck in the digestive system because it is too thik.

Name of a small bundle of hay or straw?

The name of a small bundle of hay or straw is called a wisp.

What do you use hay for?

hay is a greenish color is usually for eating, but straw which is thicker and has a yellowish color is used for bedding since it has less nutrients. hay straw

What kind of hay do cows eat?

Grass hay, legume hay, or grass-legume mix hay. They can also be fed straw, so long it is a little greener than "regular" straw and contains a bit more nutrient in it than "normal" straw.

What insulates better hay or straw?

Straw is perfered in my household because it is thicker.

What was the bedding for baby Jesus?

It was hay or straw.

Can you feed a guinea pig hay or straw?

I fed my guinea pig with other guinea pigs. lol, cannibal guinea pig

What is the difference between hay and silage?

hay is sun-dried whiles silage is fermented pasture(grass)

What is good bedding for Nubian goats?

Straw or hay

Do hens lay their eggs on straw or hay?


What is the difference between tener que and hay que?

Have to and must

How does wheat differ from straw and hay?

Wheat is a type of cereal grass. When the wheat grain is harvested the stalks that remain are referred to as straw. Hay however, is dried grass.

Is hay or straw a better weed preventer?

Straw is usually preferred to prevent weeds, as hay often contains the seeds of the very plants you're trying to prevent.

What is the difference between wheat and rice straw?

components of the 2 straws are different

What is the difference between gold and straw?

Gold is shiney and it worth alot more

What is another name for shredded hay or straw for fodder?