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How do you cook a 4year old turkey?

Very carefully

Average weight of a 4year old?

A four year old what?

How long do wild pigeons live?

4year or sometime 5 6 or7

What is it called when a man is in a relationship with a women and have a 4year relationship with anthor?

two timer!

What is the dummest thing you've ever done?

kicked my 4year old brother

Should your 4year old play outside with neighborhood kids?

first talk to they mum or dad

How old do you have to be babysit the state of Pennsylvania?

How old do you have to be to babysit a 4year old child legally in the state of pennsylvania.

Does the ipod 4g have a flash?

No and the cameras not as good as they say well mines not my 4year old bros is better

Is Darrelle Revis starting week 1 for the New York Jets?

Yes. He signed a 4year contract.

What do you need to do to become a physical education teacher?

a (4year) bachelors degree. maybe a masters. physical education is a major.

If you newterd a 4year old pit bull will his attitude change?

It will calm him some bit but the behavior he learned will not be changed.

What does a timpani weigh?

'''''0.63 pounds(4.5 stone/100.800 oz)''''' '''''About the same weight as a 4year old child!'''''

What is the average height and weight of 4year old girl?

Around 45-55 pounds Height 4'1- 4'3

Would mindless behavior date 4year less older girls then them?

Personally, i think it depends on the age of both individuals.

Who is the youngest person ever to have anorexia?

There was a 4year old girl that didn't like food so she starved her self to death, literaly! So she was kinda anorexic.

Can you give a 4year old acetaminophen and Benadryl allergy at the same time She has come down with chickenpox?

just let the pox run there cause. camellion lotion and paracetamol is all you need

Way do we have military that be oven in Syria Iraq Rain That been there for 345 yearThey have?

Way do we have military that have be over in Syria Iraq Rain in there for 3 year 4year 5 year?And way they have to pay there way home?

What are the educational requirements to be a health inspector?

science degree or another 4year degree with specific science coursework and some experience or an environmental health degree. some states (california) require passing a registration exam as well.

Why is my 4year old complaining of fatigue and pain in the back of his knees?

Your four year old may have just over exerted himself playing. Often children this age get growing pains. If this continues, you might want to see a doctor.

When did the 4year term for president start?

The four year term for the President is specified in Article II of the U.S. Constitution, so it has been in place from the beginning. George Washington served two 4 year terms from 1789 to 1797.

What are some fun games I can play with my 4year old nephew?

Four years old boys love just about anything to do with cars. I suggest some of the lower cost radio controlled cars and trucks. He will have a blast with those for hours.

Meri sadi ko 4year ho gaye hai abhi tak koi olad nahi hue koi salusan batayeya sanju tripathi Email ID-

you have to do having sex regular day and night.

Does the Romeo and Juliet Law apply in South Carolina?

GYes it does apply but you have to be 4 years apart if you turn 1more year older they could press charges once your girlfriend turns more year older they fall back into the 4year law of romeo and juliet

How do you journalize entry on Jan1 paid 21000 cash plus 1010 in sales tax for a new delivery truck estimated to have a 4year life and a 2100 salvage value?

Debit Delivery Truck 21000 Debit sales tax 1010 Credit Cash 22010

Is Postgraduate diploma equivalent to 4year degree course in Philippines?

No. A post-graduate diploma (or post-baccalaureate), as the name indicates, is taken after finishing a bachelor's degree (4 or 5 year course) in the Philippines. A post-graduate diploma course may not necessarily be considered a Master's degree.