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Tempurpedic is a patented trademark name for foam mattresses that offer body temperature regulation. Memory foam is the most generic of these terms, and 'visco' is a specific type of high-grade. dense memory foam.

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Q: What is the difference between tempurpedic, visco and memory foam mattress?
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Do memory foam mattresses really work like on tv?

If someone is looking for a good mattress the the best one to get is definitely a tempurpedic memory foam mattress. if a person cant afford tempurpedic there are other off brand memory foams available.

What is a TempurPedic mattress topper made out of?

Tempupedic matterss toppers are made of memory foam. The memory foam will add comfort to your bed. It also helps you to get more quality sleep and help with a number of back problems.

What is the best mattress not to feel movement?

Tempurpedic You can also look at their website for demonstrations of this too. Latex is actually a close second and doesn't have all the problems associated with memory foam.

Which mattress manufacturer has a memory foam queen sized mattress?

There is actually more than just one one mattress manufacturer that has a memory foam queen sized mattress. But the most noteworthy company is Tempurpedic, which was the first to release this kind of bedding in 1992.

How do I cool my TempurPedic mattress so it is not so hot?

Stop by they sell Outlast Mattress pads, and sheets - and that stuf has some kind of "temperature regulating technolgy" that NASA uses, and it helps alot of folks with the memory foam mattressses.

What is a good brand of foam mattress pad?

Tempurpedic is the most popular brand of foam mattress pad. There are many off-brand memory foam mattresses that do not have the same health benefits.

Can you use a mattress heater on a TempurPedic mattress?

It is not recommended to use an electric mattress pad with a memory foam mattress or topper.

What are the benefits of a Temperpedic mattress over a traditional one?

Tempurpedic mattresses are made out of memory foam. They conform to the shape of your body, allowing the mattress to support you at all points. This reduces problems from pressure points and aching bones and muscles that many people get on traditional mattresses.

Why is a Tempurpedic mattress better for your back?

Tempurpedic matresses, also known as memory-foam matresses, are known to be better for your back due to the fact that they distribute a person's body weight evenly as they lie down. In normal matresses, there are certain "pressure" points that apply more pressure onto the matress, which can create pain around those areas.

How much does a memory foam mattress cost?

From my reseach a memory foam mattress costs ranges between 200 and 300 dollars. It also depends on the different sizes of the bed and where you get it

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