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The CIA is an intellegence gathering agency and recruits secret agents to provide information to them


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Yes, CIA special agents go on secret, classified missions. These are sometimes referred to as black operations.

There are a couple of parts of the government that has secret agents. The CIA, FBI, and NSA could all have secret agents working with them.

The CIA is composed of agents. CIA agents!

Yesh! But mostly secret ones...

this is top secret i am an agent in the cia so no it doesn't

The common thing between both CIA and KGB is that they both are Secret Services.

Details of how many CIA agents away from home are never released

An MGB is a sports car and the KGB was the secret investigative arm of the Soviet Union, sort of like the CIA in the US.

yes only in junior cia

No.. and in the CIA, they are not called Agents... they are called Officers.

Whatever a normal person would in the same situation. Having a uniform would defeat the purpose of working in secret.

There are "Presumed" camps where Secret Service Agents work and recruit teenagers to train and become assasins all over the world, including america.

Well, if they couldn't that would be discrimination against them, meaning they could easily sue.

A CIA agents salary is around 71,000 dollars a year. They make money by dong dangerous and secretive things for the government.

Children can't be CIA agents. It takes a college degree and special training.

Technically yes, but being in the CIA does not mean you will be accepted automatically in the Secret Service.

If you mean federal agents such as FBI or CIA, yes, most active agents carry guns.

CIA spy agents help to serve their country and were given important positions. However the assassins were given behavior-modification program that turned them into superhuman assassins.

Yes, CIA agents can have tattoos."I have a tattoo. Will that prohibit me from Agency employment?Tattoos will not disqualify you from gaining employment at the CIA, and all professionally-qualified persons are encouraged to apply."

Depends what job you are doing and with which agency.

Some Agents do. Depending on the role of the Agent, about 95% will most feild agents will

Top Secret Missions of the CIA - 1999 was released on: USA: 1999

Be advised, Comrade, Katharine"s Good Boys and the other secret agents who roam through the world.... and don"t forget Caught In the Act ( CIA) also known as (The Company) Cia as an abbreviation means Company in Spanish.

The cia agents aka alexs fake parents die aka cia angents

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