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What is the difference between the PSAt and SAT?

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The PSAT is the practice version of the college entrance exam the SAT. SAT scores are required for entrance to college whereas the PSAT is not.

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What test prepares you for the SAT?

The PSAT provides firsthand practice for the SAT.

What are PSAT exams?

The PSAT test is the same as the Real SAT test only that is take at 7th grade. PSAT take SAT questions and put them into the test.

Is the SAT much harder than the PSAT?

No the SAT is not much harder than the PSAT. In fact, they are supposed to be on the same level of difficulty. What really helped me prepare for both the SAT and PSAT was the Princeton review guide, along with the tutorfox new sat guide.

Do colleges see PSAT scores?

Yes they check your PSAT SAT and grades and everything else

How do ptsa scores differ from SAT scores?

PSAT scores give you a general idea of what score you would make on the SAT. Adding a zero to your PSAT score gives you a ballpark number of what you would make on the real thing. The highest score possible on the PSAT is a 240, while the highest score on the SAT is a 2400. The PSAT is not an acceptable test to send to colleges in place of SAT scores. However, the PSAT can earn you recognition with scholarships for making a high enough score.

What is the highest score you can get on psat?

PSAT is also known as Pre-SAT. 240 is the highest score one can get in this exam.

Where can I go for PSAT prep online?

http://www.princetonreview.com/college/sat-psat-test-preparation.aspx http://www.testprepreview.com/psat_practice.htm psat is preliminary schlostic aptitude test.

What topics are covered on the PSAT test?

The PSAT is the "preliminary" SAT where you can practice for the real SAT in your junior year. It assesses your abilities to read critically, solve math problems, and write effectively.

Take the PSAT?

If you are looking to go to college, you should definitely take the SAT. Most colleges require you to send them your SAT scores as part of the application process. A great way to find out how you stand before you take the SAT is to take the PSAT the year before you take the SAT. Your PSAT high score will help you identify areas that you need to improve and areas that you are good in.

What is the preparatory test for the SAT called?

PSAT *************APEX ;p lol**********

I received a 223 on the PSAT what do I need to score on the SAT to become a National Merit Finalist?

They only check your SAT score to see that you weren't cheating on the PSAT, so you would need to get close to 2230.

Is a 155 psat score good for a sophomore?

Actually its pretty good but remember that the PSAT is alot easier then the SAT. anyways Good Luck!

What would happen if you fail the psat?

nothing, PSAT is like a practice test for the SAT, dont worry, it has no bearing for college admissions or scholarships.

How do you take a PSAT in the seventh grade?

I took the SAT in 7th grade through the Duke Talent Identification Program, but I'm not sure how you can take the PSAT.

What is the highest possible score on the PSAT?

240 which is the equivalent of a 2400 on the actual SAT.

Is 176 an ok score for the PSAT if I did not study at all?

A PSAT score of 176 places you in about the top 25% of PSAT test takers. According to the website of the College Board, for 2009 the average score of PSAT test takers was 141. A PSAT score can be multiplied by ten to get the rough equivalent of what a student is likely to make on the SAT unless he engages in serious SAT preparation efforts. If an SAT score of 1760 is likely to be sufficient to allow you to gain admission to the colleges that you want to attend, then 176 is an "ok" score on the PSAT. If you would like to make a higher SAT score than 1760, then you should go to the website of the College Board an register for their online course about how to improve your SAT score. You should be aware that a few random hours of study is unlikely to impact your SAT score. You may need to spend five hours or so per week for many months taking practice SATs and studying SAT preparation materials in order to improve your SAT score. But it can be done! Good luck!

What is an PSAT?

It is a "pre" SAT. Its purpose is for you to find out if you test well with SAT-type tests. Also, it is an opportunity to receive a scholarship through the National Merit Scholar's program. If you score very, very high on the PSAT, you are eligible for the scholarship.

What test can you take to prepare for the PSAT?

You can take the Official Student Guide to the PSAT/NMSQT, it prepares you for the types of questions they will ask you. The PSAT is a preparation for the SAT, but you still should study for it because you'll be better prepared if you study well, and you can get some scholarships based on how you score on the PSAT.

What are the commonly used standardized tests?

SAT and PSAT, different types of I.Q. tests.

What is the diffrenece from the pSAT test and the SAT test?

The PSAT has 5 sections( 2 math, 2 reading, 1 writing) , no essay The SAT has 10 sections (3 math, 3 reading, 2 writing, an essay, and an "experimental section")

What are some good psat test prep?

The PSAT is a practice version of the SAT. It is normally not necessary to practice or prep for the PSAT as it is a practice test itself. If you are really interested in studying before you can purchase many books about the test from Amazon.com.

Who got a perfect score on the SAT ACT and PSAT?

It was reported on Saturday, April 25, 2009 that Willa Chen, a 17-year old high school student in SE Michigan, received perfect scores on the PSAT, ACT, and SAT tests.

How hard to get perfect PSAT scores?

It is harder to get a perfect score on the PSAT than the SAT, because there are fewer questions and the curve is harsher; it is still possible, however. Best of luck.

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