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Frequency is the number of cycles per second. Sound has frequency. The speed of sound is the distance traveled during a unit of time. 768 mph.

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Q: What is the difference between the frequency and the speed of a sound?
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What is the relation between the frequency wavelength and speed of a sound wave?

Speed = frequency x wavelengthThis is true for all waves, sound waves as well as electromagnetic waves.

What are wavelenghts?

wavelenght is the distance between the 2 peaks in sound waves and can be calculated by Wavelenght is = wave speed/ frequency or wave speed __________ frequency

What are the characteristic of sounds?

frequency,wavelength,amplitude,sound pressure,sound intensity,speed of sound,and direction

Does the speed of sound independent of frequency?

It is independent of frequency.

Does sound velocity change based upon sound frequency?

Speed of sound is not frequency dependent. Speed of sound is dependent only on the temperature. At 20°C the speed of sound is 343 m/s.

What is the speed of sound vibrations?


What is the difference between transonic and subsonic speeds?

Transonic being past the speed of sound and subsonic is below the speed of sound.

How does the frequency of a sound wave affect the speed at which the sound wave moves?

Frequency and speed of propagation of the wave are independent of one another. The medium determines the speed of propagation.

What is the difference between subsonic and super sonic?

subsonic is moving below the speed of sound, supersonic is faster than speed of sound

What is the wavelength in a sound wave?

To find the wavelength, the following formula applies: λ = ν / f That in common words is: Wavelength = Wave's Speed / Wave's Frequency So, Wavelength of sound wave = Speed of sound wave / Frequency of sound wave Now, Speed of sound wave is 343 m/s, so Wavelength of sound wave = 343 m/s / Frequency of sound wave Frequency of sound waves audible to a human ear range between 20 Hz to 20 kHz. So filling the desired sound frequency in the equation above you get the desired wavelength of that sound wave.

What is the relationship between wavelength frequency and velocity of sound in air?

For any wave phenomenon, the product of (wavelength) x (frequency) is always the wave speed.

How are wavlength and frequency of sound related?

Their product is always the speed of the sound.