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A protostar is a star that is in the early stages of formation that has not yet become a main sequence star. A white dwarf is a remnant left behind after a low to medium mass star dies.

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Q: What is the difference between the protostar and the white dwarf?
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What is the differences of a protostar and a white dwarf?

A protostar is a star that is still forming and has not yet started a sustained fusion reaction. All the heat is the result of gasses being compressed. A white dwarf is the remnant of a dead star that has exhausted its fuel and is much smaller and denser than a protostar.

What are the stages of the sun's life cycle?

protostar, main sequence, giant, nebula, white dwarf & black dwarf.

What is the life cycle of a yellow star?

Nebula protostar mid sized star red giant nova white dwarf black dwarf:)

What is the difference between white dwarfs and black dwarfs?

their colour is one thing but a black dwarf originates from a white dwarf

What is the difference between a red giant and a white dwarf?

size and color

How are stars made with fusion reaction big bang giant nebula white dwarf and protostar?

white dwarf is an age that a star reaches but the big bang is an explosion of nuclear energy that makes a star

Does a star change during its life cylcle?

Yes. The possible cycle is: protostar/brown dwarf main sequence star red giant supernova/super giant white dwarf/black hole black dwarf

What is a low mass star (main sequence)?

A star with a low mass will go through these stages: 1. Protostar nebula 2. Main sequence (as a red dwarf) 3. Red giant 4. Planetary nebula 5. White dwarf (6. Black dwarf is theorized to occur after white dwarf)

Why is the time from protostar to black hole shorter than the time from protostar to white dwarf?

The mass of the progenitor star has to be massive to form a black hole and thus it will have a shorter time on the main sequence compared to a medium sized star.

What difference between a white dwarf and a black hole?

A white dwarf is a white hot solid ball of nickel-iron alloy, a black hole is an infinitesimal singularity of infinite density surrounded by total emptiness.

Describe in general the life history of a star with an average mass like the Sun?

A star, the size of our sun, does not explode into a supernova. Instead, toward the end of its life, it grows over 1000 times its size into what is called a Red Giant. After that it implodes and looses mass at a quick rate reaching the white dwarf stage. After that it is a black dwarf and looses all its energy and mass.

What are the seven step in the cycle of a star?

Stars have several cycles in their lifespan. The seven cycles of a star like our sun are Stellar Nebula, Protostar, Main sequence star, Red Giant, Planetary Nebula, White Dwarf, and Black Dwarf.