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What is the difference between thrust and pressure?


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what is the difference between thrust and pressure?


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Pressure is a force that is put on something. Thrust is when the force is pushed on something.

Thrust it a force that is sent out from a object through its own propulsion. E.G. a jet engine creates thrust and pushes a aeroplane along. Pressure is a force that is put on a object. E.G. when a submarine dives the water pushes in on it, This is Pressure.

thrust and pressure are dirrectly proportional 2 each other frm d formula pressure =perpendicular force /area

Upthrust is how buoyant the object is in the water and thrust is in the air

The gauge pressure is the difference between absolute pressure and atmospheric pressure.

Thrust can be done in all positions. Upthrust can only be done in woman-on-top.

The difference between pressure and non pressure part

Basically "thrust", which is the difference between the air pressure in at least 2 different places who are connected to each other.

thrust. thrust is how a rocket creates lift. thrust is simply the difference in potential energy between the nozzle and the combustion chamber, the difference creates a pressure differential which causes the rocket to move. To go up the rocket must be perfectly balanced and the rocket frame must be strong enough to withstand and balance the thrust.

propulsion is when air pushes an airplane

force applies perpendicularly is called thrust force which earths exerts on objests is weight

there is not much difference between thrust anf force...its just that thrust is the force acting perpendiclular to the surface thrust will always be either equal or greater than force.

difference between jaw thrust method and head tilt chin lift method ? which method is suitable for a patient with head or spinal injury

The difference is that they are thrust up. They are not moving downhill because of gravity.

Pressure is force per unit area. force applied in perpedicular direction is called THRUST. Pressure=Thrust/ area

A pressure gauge indicates actual pressure and a differential pressure gauge indicates the difference in pressure.

what is the difference between the two lungs

Pulse pressure is the difference between the systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings.

There is a huge difference between tension and pressure in physics. Tension refers to a pulling force and pressure refers to a pushing force.

difference is the number of times each occur in the magnetic field and scientists differentiate them that way

there is no difference between high pressure and performance chromatography

The difference between H and L in are is high pressure and low pressure. Air moves with high pressure air falling and low pressure air rising.

There is not any difference between male and female systolic blood pressure. Sex does not interfere with high or low blood pressure.

The main difference of static pressure and dynamic pressure is:- static pressure is exerted by fluid at rest but dynamic pressure is pressure exerted by fluid in motion.

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