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Trait is something you have by nature, skill is something that you acquire over time and practice.

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Q: What is the difference between traits and skills?
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What is the difference between skills and attributes?

Attributes are personal qualities. These would be like personality traits. E.G. motivated, dedicated Skills are things that this person is good at doing. E.G. good computer skills, good presentation skills

What is the difference between technical skills and technology skills?


What is the difference between where you got your looks from and who you got your looks from?

Looks are personal traits. You can't get personal traits from a location (where). You get them from your parents (who).

What is the difference between skill and skills?

Skill is singular, skills is plural. You can have one skill or you can have many skills.

What are the difference between values and traits?

Values are deeply held beliefs about what is important, while traits are specific characteristics or qualities that define an individual's behavior or personality. Values guide decision-making and overall behavior, while traits influence how individuals interact with others and approach various situations. Values are more abstract and overarching, while traits are more specific and observable.

What is the difference between inherited traits and traits that are not inherited?

Traits are abilities that you can receive out of practice, or from an ancestor. Inherited traits are talents that you have naturally inherited by an ancestor.

What is the difference between instrumental aggression and relational aggression?

Instrumental aggression is behavior intended to achieve a specific goal or outcome, such as obtaining a reward or avoiding punishment. Relational aggression involves harming others through manipulation of social relationships or status, such as spreading rumors or excluding someone from a group.

What is difference between skills and method in science?

well the method is the steps on how you do it and the skills are sort of how you do it i think

What is the difference between aptitude and skills in psychology?

The difference between Aptitude and Skills is that Aptitude could be the potential, which has as yet not been tapped and trained to a skill level. Whereas skills, as the word describes is, it is present here and now in the individual.

What are the skills traits of a dentist?

you need mad skills!

What is the difference between technical skills and business skills?

Technical skills are all about how you do something whereas Business skills are more about how you manage everything.

What is the difference between functional skills and key skills?

Functional skills are all skills an object or person has wheras key skills are compusory for a job or task