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What is the difference between tuple and attribute?

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Answered 2006-09-14 13:27:39

TUPLE : Is the "ROW" in a table and ATTRIBUTE : Is the "COLUMN" and it can also be called as "ATTRIBUTE". Annapurna table is collection of attributes ..... attribute is nothing but property tuple is the collection of information abt the attributes of table for single instance

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Answered 2020-09-16 09:37:58

Tuple => It contain number of rows

Attributes=> It contain number of column.

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Answered 2020-09-24 17:15:06

Tupule contains rows

Attributes contains columns

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What is the difference between a key and a superkey?

In database a key is a field that we use to sort a data.whereas superkey is a subset of attribute so that no tuple have the same combination of values.

What is the difference between derived attribute and normal attribute?

A normal attribute is an attribute present in a schema and which has to be entered while entering a tuple.A derived Attribute is one which can be inferred(derived) from another normal attribute and it need not be a part of a schema.For e.g.-> In a schema, Date-of-Birth is a normal attribute.While Age is a derived attribute which can be derived from the Date-of-Birth

What is the difference between a skill and attribute?

Skill is something you attain through training and repetition, while attribute is a character trait.

What is an attribute and how many types?

An attribute in the database terms is called as fields. A group of fields is known as a record or tuple. Attributes can be either simple or composite and single or multi-valued .

Duplicate tuples not allowed in a relation?

In a relation we have number of tuple R ={t1,t2,}, nd they follow integrity constraints nd each tuple has a primary key pk.if any of the d two tuple have same attribute. for instance t1=t2 then its pk wud be same too.. but this violates the key constraint.. hence duplicacy not allowed in tuple... enjoy Rijo Rajan

What is the difference between an attribute and a behavior in c plus plus?

An attribute is a class member variable while a behaviour is a class member method.

What is the Difference between attribute and behavior?

This, in simplistic terms, is very straightforward! In essence, an attribute is part of what a person is whereas a behaviour is part of what someone does.

What is the Difference between features and attributes?

Try searching for Attribute Listing. It might help.

What is record in dbms?

Row = Record = Tuple Column = Field = Attribute. These words are used interchangebly. Akshay Sahu (MCTS SQL Server 2005)

Difference between partial dependency and fully functional dependency?

The difference is that partial dependency is when a database's attribute is only partially dependent on the primary key. Fully functional dependency is when the attribute is entirely dependent on the key.

What is the difference between relational tuple calculus and domain calculus?

Relational tuple calculus has its variables range over tuples, where domain relational calculus ranges its variables over the field values, or domain elements. Both types of calculus are subsets of first order logic.

What is tuple variables in dbms?

TUPLE : Is the "ROW" in a table

What is the difference between traits and qualities?

A trait is a quality or characteristic that stands out. A quality is a special attribute that someone or something has.

What is functional dependency in DBMS?

A key is a set of attributes that uniquely identifies an entire tuple, a function dependency allow us to express constraints that uniquely identify the values of certain attribute.

Difference between single valued and multivalued attribute?

single value attribute is one that holds a single value for a single entity. example:- name, roll_number... multivalued attribute is one that holds multiplevalues for a single entities. example:- degree(phd, mca)

What is the difference between single-valued attributes and simple attributes?

single valued attribute are one character in a record

What is a tuple meter?

Tuple meter may be a misspelling or a confusion between "duple" meter and "triple" meter, which refer to pieces of music with 2 beats to the bar and 3 beats to the bar respectively.

What is meant by a database row What is a tuple?

In database there are no. of records stored in it. These records are stored in table . Row in this table is known as a tuple. So tuple is basically a row.

What is the main difference between activity based costing and attribute based costing?

activity based costing does not promote TQM(total quality management) and continuous improvement but attribute based costing promotes the both.

What is the difference between determiner and adjective?

The determiner is an important noun modifier which contextualizes a noun. An adjective is a word that expresses an attribute of something.

What is the difference between attribute and spatial data?

Spatial data shows specific location of geographic phenomena in terms of coordinate whilst attribute data is non-spatial in that it does use coordinates but show what is on a point, line and polygon.

Differences between metadata and attribute data?

Metadata is the data that describes information: language, who it is for, the source etc. Attribute data is composed of the attribute name and attribute value for example: "Color=red" where color is the attribute name and red is the attribute value.

What is the difference between attribute and quality?

attribute: to consider as a quality or characteristic of the person, thing, group, etc., indicated: He attributed intelligence to his colleagues. quality: an essential or distinctive characteristic, property, or attribute: the chemical qualities of alcohol. 2. character or nature, as belonging to or distinguishing a thing: the quality of a sound.

What is difference between unique key and primary key?

There is two difference between them. 1. The not null constraint is by default added to primary key, it means, primary key attribute cannot accept null values, whereas, the attribute declared as unique can accept null values. It is the major difference between the two. 2. Secondly, we can have only one primary key in a relation, whereas, multiple attributes can be declared unique at the same time.

What is the difference between the Hebrew words tekhuna and osher?

techuna (תכונה) = "feature" or "attribute"osher (אושר) = "happiness" osher (עושר) = "wealth