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What is the difference in a AS degree and a AA degree?


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AS = Associate of Science

AA = Associate of Arts

Both are two-year degrees


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What is the difference between a certificate in interior design and an AA degree in interior design? email

Associate of Science Degree and Associate of Arts Degree Science Technology, business, computer, etc Artts English, history, etc

The AA is not a professional degree. The professional degree are such as lawyer, medical doctor, etc..

The AA degree is Associates of Arts The AA degree is a two year program that fulfills the requirements leading up to the BA degree (an additional 2 years beyond the AA degree) All the credits earned for the AA degree can transfer to a 4 year university. The AS degree is Associates of Science The AS degree is either a one or two year program depending on your course of study. Some of the credits earned for the AS degree may be able to be transfered to a 4 year university. The best route, for the serious student is to go for the AA. Attending a community college for the first 2 years is half as expensive as doing those first 2 years at a university.

And undergraduate is someone who has a high school diploma and is enrolled in college but does not have a bachelor's degree yet. An associate's degree (AA = associate of art) corresponds generally to the first two year of a four-year bachelor program.

An AA is only 2 years of college while a BA/BS is an additional 2 years for a total of 4 years. The AA is often earned in a community college while the BA is a university degree.

Well, this really depends on how different your bachelors degree is from your AA degree. If you have an AA in nursing and you want to get a bachelors degree in writing, it will probably take you another four years to obtain an AA. The only classes from your AA degree that will transfer to your bachelors degree will most likely be pre-requisites.

Associated Arts degree

AA is Associate of Arts; AS is Associate of Science.

They are slightly different. The AA is more of a theoretical approach where the AS is more of an exact approach and career oriented. Still, it is the institution and the department within the institution that decides.

An AA is an applied associate's degree, which is the lowest degree you can get to become a veterinary technician. You can also get a bachelor's, which helps when specializing or seeking higher pay. So long as you got your degree through an accredited program and took the qualifying exams, you are a Vet Tech.

What college classes will have to be taken to get an AA degree in Business Management

yes, and Associates Degree (AA) is part of a post secondary education.

In terms of education, AA stands for an associate of arts degree which is typically a two year program of study.

A.A is associate in arts A.S is associate in science A.A.S is associate in applied science

Yes, the AA is designed for that purose (for transfer).Yes, the AA is designed for that purose (for transfer).Yes, the AA is designed for that purose (for transfer).Yes, the AA is designed for that purose (for transfer).Yes, the AA is designed for that purose (for transfer).Yes, the AA is designed for that purose (for transfer).

How many years does it take to become a genetics if you start from AA degree?

The difference between Pahoehoe lava and AA lava is that pahoehoe lava is smooth and AA lava is jagged.

There are tons of schools that offer a degree in graphic design. It depends on whether you want an AA or a BS degree. If you want an AA degree, a community college will do. If you want a BS degree, you will need to attend an accredited university.

The vast majority of two year colleges require 60 credits for graduation with an AA degree.

No but you will probably complete the requirements for an AA & maybe even a BA long before you achieve your masters.

The associates in general studies has to be either an arts or science degree. You cannot just have a degree in general studies. Typically this type of degree is usually referred to as a liberal arts degree (AA).

Yes, you can get a job with AA and then go to college and work up to a bachelors degree.

An AA is a two year college degree that you will only use on applications. So, you would write AA in interior design.

AA is the abbreviation for "Associate of Arts", which isa degree. If you meant something else, please spell it out in full; otherwise, your question kind of answers itself.Occasionally people will obtain an AA degree and then go on to a BA or BS degree. However, you don't actually need to get an AA first, and it's far more common to proceed directly to the Bachelor's degree.

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