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Mercury has only 38% of Earth's diameter, and only about 1/18th Earth's volume and mass.

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Q: What is the difference in size between Mercury and the Earth?
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What is the size difference between Mercury and Earth?

The size of your mommas stomach

Is mercury half the size of earth?

According to NASA the size of Mercury is 2440 km radius. And it is almost a half the size of the Earth. Because Earth size is 6372 km radius. Meaning the Mercury is about 1/3 the size of the Earth.

Is Mercury larger than the moon?

Mercury is larger. size of Mercury: 4879 km size of Earth's Moon: 3475 km

Is mercury or the moon closer to earth's size?

Mercury is larger than the moon and so is closer in size to Earth than the moon is. It should be noted that Mercury is closer in size to the moon than it is to Earth.

What is mercury sized compared to earth?

The diameter of Mercury is 4,879 kilometers, which is about 38 percent of Earth's diameter. Earth is about three times the size of Mercury.

Image and size difference between Jupiter and earth?

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What is mercury's size and what is earth's size?

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Is mercury closer to the size of the Earth or your moon?

It is closer to the Earth

Is the size different from earth and mercury?


Is earth larger than mercury?

Mercury is almost the same size as the Moon. The Moon is smaller than Earth. Mercury is then smaller than Earth.

What is the Difference between moon and earths size?

earth is bigger than the moon

What is the size comparison of Earth and Mercury?

Earth has 2.54 times the surface area of Mercury. Earth-12,756 km Mercury-4,880 km