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Since California observes daylight saving time and Thailand does not,

  • from the 2nd Sun. of Mar. until the 1st Sun. of Nov., Thailand is 14 hrs. ahead of California.
  • from the 1st Sun. of Nov. until the 2nd Sun. of Mar., Thailand is 15 hrs. ahead of California.

4 AM Pacific Standard Time (PST) =

5 AM Pacific Daylight Saving Time (PDT) =

7 PM Indochina Time (ICT)

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The time difference is 2 hours, California being two hours ahead.

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California is 15 hours behind Thailand

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Q: What is the difference in time from California to Hawaii?
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Time difference in California and Hawaii?

Three hours 13 minutes

What is the difference beteween Hawaii and California?

Fromthe closestpart of the main HawaiianIsland to San Francisco is 2,314 miles,or 3,725 kilometers. There is also a 2 hour time difference, with California being ahead of Hawaii.

Time zone difference from ca and Hawaii?

Hawaii does not utilize Daylight Savings Time, so the time difference depends on the time of year. During the summer months (after you "Spring" forward), Hawaii is 3 hours behind California. During the winter months (after you "Fall" back), Hawaii is 2 hours behind California. ~Hawaii's official time zone is UTC/GMT -10 hours.

What is the time difference Los Angeles and Hawaii?

The time difference from LA to Hawaii is 3 hours. The time difference from LA to Hawaii is 3 hours.

If you are flying from Hawaii to California what time would you arrive in California?

what time do you leave Hawaii? And the average time is 3 hours from when you left. One has to keep in mind that there is a either a 2 or 3 hour time difference between the two states depending on whether daylight savings time is being observed in California at the time the trip is taken. California is ahead of Hawaiian time.

What is the time difference between Hawaii and California during leap year?

While California (UTC-8/UTC-7) is on Daylight Saving Time (from the 2nd Sunday of March to the 1st Sunday of November), it is 3 hours ahead of Hawaii (UTC-10). So during the summer, when it's 2 AM HAST in Hawaii, it's 5 AM PDT in California.While California is on Standard Time, it is 2 hours ahead of Hawaii. So during December, when it's 2 AM HAST in Hawaii, it's 4 AM PST in California.

Does Hawaii use daylight saving time?

Yes, since California observes Daylight Saving Time and Hawaii does not, when California "springs forward" they are an extra hour ahead of Hawaii. The difference is three hours from March to November and two hours from November to March.7 AM HAST (in Hawaii) =9 AM PST (in Calif. Nov-Mar) =10 AM PDT (in Calif. Mar-Nov)

What is Hawaii time when it is 7 pm in California?

5pm because california is 2 hours ahead of hawaii

What is the time difference between Queensland and Hawaii?

is queensland behind hawaii in time

In Hawaii is it 130 pm or am?

There is a 2 hour time difference between Hawaii and California; a 4 hour difference between Hawaii and Detroit. 1:30 AM Hawaii = 3:30 AM California = 5:30 AM Detroit 1:30 PM Hawaii = 3:30 PM California = 5:30 PM Detroit. If that doesn't help, then please REASK a question and also tell us where YOU are -- or at least your State or Province. You might try asking: "If it is 1:30 AM in Hawaii what time is it in ______ "? {Examples: Maryland, England, Egypt, British Columbia, or Austria } see Related Links below for a World Time Zone map

What is the difference of China and Hawaii time?

china is 50 hours behind Hawaii

What is time difference between Tokyo and Hawaii?

19 hours difference.