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how is general purpose application and specialized application package

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Q: What is the different between a general-purpose application and a specialized application package?
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Comparisons between Basic and Specialized Application Software?


What different between application and software?

application is used to run a software where as software is used in hardware to perform a task in order to mange the corresponding application

What are the differences between basic and specialized application software?

Basic software application is developed based on general purpose whereas specilized application software is developed based on considering special purpose. Word processor, spreadsheets, presentation graphics are some common types of the basic software application.

What is the difference between you-torrent and FinalTorrent?

they are just different torrent downloaders. they have the same application

What is the different between application and system software?

Application can be made by developers not working for Operating System. System Software cannot be created by other people.

What is the Difference between electronics and power electronics?

No difference only magnitude. but there is application that are quite different

Differentciate between Standard application software and customise application softeware?

Differentciate between Standard application software and customise application softeware?"

What is the difference between uses and application?

USE: It is the benefit that you will get from product/service. APPLICATION: It is the integration of the benefit into different fields. Ex: Transportation USE: Delivery between stations APPLICATION: Cargo delivery, Railway, Airways etc..

What is application suites?

Application suites are collections of programs for computers. They are usually programs and application programs that perform different purposes. While their purposes are not the same, they usually have a shared interface that allows the user to share information between them.

What is the difference between exit and save as?

Exit closes an application. Save As is used to save a document with a different name, type or location. When you go to exit an application, you will be asked if you want to save any of the files that are open in the application.

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