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Both whole life and universal life have cash values. For Whole Life -Picture a rectangle/box with a line from the bottom left corner going up to the top right corner. Everything under the line is your cash value or savings in your life insurance. The entire box is equal to your coverage amount. When you die, your beneficiary gets the box. It doesn't matter how much cash you have, they get the amount of the box. So if you have $50,000 of coverage, and you have $2000 of cash value, when you die they get $50,000 ($2000 of your cash value and the insurance company only has to pay $48,000) If you want to borrow your money, you have to pay it back at a 6-8% interest rate TO THE COMPANY. You borrow your own savings. If you die, they keep your money. And for the first 2-4 years you have your policy, you don't accumulate any cash. Your premiums cover insuance and fees. Universal life is annual renewable term plus a cash value. This gives you an option if your beneficiaries get to collect both your life insuance amount plus the cash or just the life insurance amount. Obviously, no one would choose to NOT get their money, but most don't see the choice. It is made for them. The cost of insurance goes up every year, but your premiums may stay level. Or you can increase them, it's up to you. However, there is a level term where your premiums are locked in and you don't have to worry about the cost going up every year. Eventually with flexible premium universal life, the cost of insurance is so expensive, people can't afford to keep it. The cash value will pay the premiums for only so long before there is no cash left. You're much better off to find a level term, and invest the difference (which you may increase or decrease at will). Once you have enough money saved, and little or no financial obligations (kids, mortgage, debt, etc) get rid of the life insurance. Why pay for life insurance if you have money saved and no responsibilites?

Whole life insurance is a permanent life insurance. Premiums for whole life insurance are generally high and remain status quo throughout the life of the policy owner. Whole life insurance is often seen as an investment as it develops cash value over time. Whole life insurance allows the owner to dip into his insurance through loans or surrender, in times of need.

A flexible universal policy is almost the same as whole life insurance but offers more flexibility for the policy holder. This kind of policy gives the policy owner flexibility to modify the insured amount, or the premiums according to changing circumstances in life.

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Q: What is the different between whole life and flexible universal policy?
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What type of benefits are there to a universal life insurance policy?

The benefits from a universal life insurance policy is that is offers flexible premium payments and death benefits. It also gives you different cash value options that can be invested in many ways.

Does a flexible universal life insurance policy expire at a certain age?

A flexible UL policy CAN expire unless you add more premiums to keep it in force.

Is a flexible premium multifunded life insurance an annuity?

Its a Universal life insurance Policy.

Can variable universal life insurance be converted into a fixed account?

Variable universal life insurance is not an account. It is a policy that invests in separate accounts in an attempt to earn higher returns than a fixed policy. A variable universal life insurance policy can be converted into a different type of life insurance policy but not a different kind of account.

What is Kennedy's policy of flexible response?

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Which of these is an element of universal life insurance?

This life insurance policy has two different types of death benefits.

What is the difference between a variable whole life policy and a universal whole life policy?

Variable plays the market like a Mutual fund. And universal life sits still and gains interest without the market investment.

What does conciliatory policy mean?

A conciliatory policy is a policy that is flexible and open to some slight change, or compromise.

What is flexible -premium adjustable life insurance?

Flexible Premium Adjustable Life Insurance is a policy usually called Universal Life but some companies may use different names. This type of policy is basically a term life insurance policy with an interest bearing side fund as part of the policy. The mechanics are that you can pay any premium above the minimum premium and within federal tax limits. You can change the premiums and the amount of insurance which makes it a very flexible policy. The trick is that as with term insurance the cost of insurance goes up as you age so you must pay more than the cost of insurance expecially in the beginning or the policy always has a danger of running out of money and the insurance cancelling. This type of policy looks good when interest rates are high but is very dangerous when rates drop.

What are the benefits of universal life insurance and what are the possible drawbacks of this type of policy?

What are the benefits of universal life insurance, and what are the possible drawbacks of this type of policy

is $241 a month too much for a $200,000 universal life insurance policy?

Is $241 a month too much to pay for a $200,000 universal life insurance policy?

The universal rule of policy ambiguity states?

once a policy is binder by the agent, the client may not change the conditions of policy

What was Kennedy's policy of flexible response to communism?

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What is the difference between a term life insurance and an universal life insurance?

A term life insurance policy is a basic protection that covers expenses in case of an accidental death, it will sometimes cover debilitating injuries, but only briefly. A universal insurance policy covers a wider category and can sometimes be cashed in.

What are the benefits in life insurance of universal life insurance?

Universal life insurance is a modified, flexible form of whole life insurance. Part of your premium goes toward insurance coverage, while the rest is invested to increase the policy's cash value.Benefits of Universal Life Insurance:Universal life insurance is the most flexible of all life insurance plans:* It lets you choose the amount of protection you want, increasing or decreasing your coverage as your needs change.* It lets you control the amount and frequency of your payments. If you have extra cash, you can pay more and the extra money grows tax-deferred. If you're short on cash, you can pay less and let the policy's accumulated cash value pay the remainder of the monthly charges.If you do decide to invest in a universal life insurance policy, be sure you plan to keep the policy for at least 15 years. It will usually take that long before you are eligible for any return on the policy.

You would like to get the status of a life insurance policy number?


What was the purpose of the president John Kennedy flexible response policy?


When does a whole life policy endow?

the investments gains from a universal life policy uaually go towards

What policy allows partial surrenders and withdrawals?

Universal Life

What happens if you are named a benificiary in an insurance policy but the will says different?

The will has no relationship to the insurance policy. The Policy is a contract between the insurance company and the insured and does not become a part of the estate.

What is the primary difference between universal life and variable universal life?

The primary difference is how the cash value is invested. Variable universal life means it is invested in stocks and mutual funds and a "fixed" universal life is usually dependent on interest rates. Both carry high risk, but a fixed universal life policy gives you a guarantee that it will not go below a certain interest rate, while variable universal policies usually do not.

What is a universal life insurance policy?

A universal life insurance policy is a cash value type of life insurance policy. With universal life insurance, you policy may build up cash values over time, similar to a whole life policy, but typically less expensive than whole life insurance. Another feature of some universal life insurance policies is called a "no lapse guarantee" With this feature, as long as you pay your premiums, the policy is guaranteed to last to age 100 and beyond depending on the specific carrier you choose. Compare this to a whole life insurance policy where the premium requirements may vary and depend on how dividends and interest rates perform.

Can cash value be taken from a Universal Life policy and still keep the policy intact?

Yes, check the policy or with your agent or company on how much. Do you have the illustrations that were done when policy was issued or annually?

What does it cost to borrow from a variable universal life insurance policy?

the interest rate is stipulated in writing in the life insurance policy

What is a policy assignment in a life insurance policy?

A policy assignment provision in a life insurance contract is one that permits the owner of the policy to sell, give or to pledge the policy as collateral. It is a common, but not universal, provision in modern policies.