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What is the diffference between an element and a compound?

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A compound is made of two elements an element is single all the elements on the periodic table of elements are elements. Compounds are two elements from the periodic table combinded

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It depends on which element and which compound

a compound is combined and a element is not

a compound is more then one element

An element is a single substance where as a compound is a combination of elements eg germanium is an element where as germanium arsenide is a compound....!

An element is by itself while a compound is two or more.

Nitrogen is diatomic so it is N2 it is a molecule but between the choices compound and element it is closer to element

a compound is made of two elements

a compound is a mixture of elements. that is the difference

A compound is a mix of different atoms to make a molecule of that compound, whereas an element is just the same types of atoms. Ex.: Compound: ABABABA Element: AAAAAAAA

The difference between an element and a compound is that an element, such as hydrogen and oxygen, is the most pure substance that there is. A compound is elements mixed together to form an object that is not pure in the sense that it's components are not the same.

Carbon is an element, water is a compound.

A simple sentence has one independent clause: I swam across the river.A compound sentence has more than one independent clause: I asked her to marry me, and she burst into tears.

An element is only a chemical element, only a single type of atoms.A compound contain 2 or more atoms of different atoms.Matter can be an element, a compound or a mixture of compounds.

A compound is comprised of two or more elements. An element is comprised of only one type of atom.

A compound contains different elements in the same molecule.

Ni is a single element . and NI is a compound element .

It is compound not an element.

AgNO3 is a compound. Ag is an element, N is an element, and O is an element. Together, they are a compound.

Because they are, respectively, an element and a compound. There may be a deeper question here, but I'm not seeing it. Perhaps you're trying to ask what the difference is between an element and a compound?