Evaporation and Condensation
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What is the diffrence between condensation and precipitation?

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condesation is 2nd on the chart meaning that dirt water evaporate.

precipation is evaporation of anything really.

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What is the difference between condensation and precipitation?

The difference between condensation and precipitation is that condensation is the transformation of state from a gas to a liqiud and precipitation is next stage after condensation where waterdroplets become larger and larger so as they fall under gravity in form of rain from the cloud.

What is the difference between precipitation and condensation?

In meteorology, condensation occurs before precipitation, where condensation is the formation of a liquid from water vapor on a dust or salt particle and precipitation is the water or ice reaching the surface.

Does precipitation cause condensation?

Opposite. Condensation causes precipitation.

What is the relation between precipitation and condensation?

nothing. because precipitacion is a chemical reaction, and condensation is a physical reaction.

What is the same between condensation and precipitation?

they both transform to something different

How does water move between the hydrosphere and atomosphere?

evaporation, condensation, and precipitation.

What is the Difference between evaporation condensation precipitation?

evaporation is a method to condensing

What is condensation and precipitation?

condensation and precipitation are different because one is rain and the other contains clouds.................................................

What is the relationship between precipitation and condensation?

Its the function of relative humidity and dew point

What occurs between evaporation and precipitation?

Condensation. The collecting of water molecules into a cloud

What are facts on condensation?

What is precipitation.

What is after evaporation?

Condensation, and then precipitation.

Diffrence between homozygous and heterozygous?

Diffrence between homozygous and heterozygous?

What is the order of the water cycle?

Condensation Precipitation Condensation And Storage

What are the three phases of the water cycle?

condensation, precipitation, and condensation

Show me a Picture of evaporation condensation and precipitation?

what is evaporation and condensation

What comes after condensation in the water cycle?

precipitation comes after condensation

What is the cycle that includes precipitation runoff evaporation and condensation?

Which cycle consists of evaporation, condensation, precipitation, runoff, and groundwater?

What comes before precipitation?

Condensation comes before precipitation.

What comes after condensation?

Well Precipitation comes after condensation which precipitation is when the liquid water falls as rain,snow,sleet or hail.

What is the difference of condensation and precipitation?

Condensation is the formation of clouds and precipitation is gas to liquid such as rain, snow or any other precipitate

What does condensation and precipitation mean?

Condensation is when a gas turns into a liquid. Precipitation is when the water stored in clouds fall (aka. rain)

What comes first in the water cycle evaporation condensation or precipitation?

Evaporation is the first step. After it condensation, precipitation takes place.

What process produces precipitation?


How does condensation lead to precipitation?

condensation turns into precipitation when it evaporates or becomes water vapor, then it gets trapped in the clouds, then once the cloud is full it releases it. therefore creating precipitation