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Towards the center of the motion.

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It is towards the centre of the circle.

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Q: What is the direction of acceleration in circular uniform motion?
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Is acceleration uniform in uniformly circular motion?

yes, acceleration is constant in uniform circular motion

Why uniform circular motion is an example of accelerated motion?

Because 'acceleration' does NOT mean 'speeding up'. It means any changein speed or direction of motion.Uniform circular motion involves constantly changing direction, and that'sconstant acceleration.

What is the direction of the acceleration vector of a person on spinning earth?

The acceleration vector in a uniform circular motion is towards the center.

Is uniformly accelerated motion uniform motion?

yes, acceleration is constant in uniform circular motion

What is the correct name for circular motion?

If the motion is truly in the form of a circle, the phrase uniform circular motion describes it appropriately. This means that the object is in a constant state of motion about a fixed point at a constant distance from that point. Circular motion can be considered an acceleration, because an acceleration describes any change in velocity or direction. Since circular motion involves constant change in direction, the object exhibits constant acceleration.

What remain constant in uniform circular motion?


What is centripetal acceleration and find its magnitude and direction in the case of uniform circular motion?

The centripetal acceleration is v2/r, directed toward the center of the circle..

A car moves in uniform circular motion around a curve in the road What is the direction of the car's acceleration?

If the speed is constant, the acceleration is toward the center of the circle.

What will be acceleration of a car moving in a circular motion with constant speed.?

If body is moving in a circle with uniform or constant speed its acceleration will be uniform as velocity i.e. to say direction is changing at every point.

How can the acceleration be different from zero in a circular uniform movement?

Ah hah! You're one of those individuals who thinks that "acceleration" means "speeding up". Admit it. It doesn't. 'Acceleration' is any change in the speed or direction of motion. In circular motion, the direction is constantly changing. So, although the speed is constant, that's accelerated motion.

Give reason why uniform circular motion is considered as accelerated motion?

Because within circular motion, acceleration is constant

What is the difference between uniform linear motion an uniform circular motion?

linear is which is on a straight path and circular motion is which has a curved path. *In a uniform linear motion,the velocity is constant and the acceleration is zero.So,uniform linear motion is an unaccelerated motion. *In uniform circular motion the velocity can be variable although the speed is uniform.So,it is an accelerated motion.