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The acceleration vector in a uniform circular motion is towards the center.

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Q: What is the direction of the acceleration vector of a person on spinning earth?
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Is the acceleration of a rocket a vector or scalar?

It is a vector. A scalar has only magnitude. A vector has magnitude and direction.Acceleration is a vector because it has magnitude and direction. That's why an object can be said to be accelerating if it has a circular rotation and a constant speed; even though it's speed isn't changing, it's direction constantly is. Displacement (s), velocity (v), and acceleration (a), are vectors because they have both magntude and direction.

Is acceleration a quantity of vector?

yes, Acceleration is vector quatity!!. Its has both magnitude and direction

What is a change in speed and direction?

Vector Acceleration.

Acceleration is a because it has a size and a direction?


What is a quantity that is specified by size and direction?

. Velocity Acceleration

Quantities have both a magnitude and direction?

A quantity with both magnitude and direction is a Vector quantity.

Why is Acceleration vector quantity?

That simply means that the direction of the acceleration is relevant. For example, if something is moving in the "forward" direction, it isn't the same if we accelerate it forward, backward, or sideways. The results are different.Also, acceleration is calculated as dv/dt, meaning you divide a velocity difference by a time. Since velocity is itself a vector, acceleration is also a vector.

What is a moving object that has a velocity vector and acceleration vector in the same direction?

The net force is in the same direction as the acceleration of an object.

Does acceleration involve a direction?

Yes it is a vector quantity.

What has a velocity and acceleration vector in the same direction?

Any falling object has acceleration and velocity vectors in the same direction.

What is acceleration since it has magnitude and direction?

Acceleration is a vector quantity because it has both magnitude and direction.

What is directional acceleration?

It's a vector quantity of acceleration, having both magnitude and direction.