What is the distance between first base and third base in professional baseball?


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127.27922061357855439215198517887 ft... 1, 2 &3 base make a triangle... if it's 90 ft between 1st, and 2nd; and 90 ft between 2nd, & 3rd. [A2 (a*a)] + [B2 (b*b)] = C2.... Pythagorean theorem

127 feet or 338 inches.


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In professional baseball, the distance from the pitching rubber to home plate is 60' 6". Original blueprints for the "first" field show the distance was supposed to be 60' 0", but the blueprints were misread, thus 60' 6".

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In Major League Baseball, the distance is 90 feet.

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The Cincinnati Reds are recognized as the first ever professional baseball team.

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Yes, they were the first professional baseball franchise

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The distance between home plate and first base in baseball is 90 feet. In other words, 27,432 millimeters, 1,080 inches, and .017 miles.

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