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Velocity is the speed (distance/time) and direction of an object when speed is just distance/time.

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What are some similarities between distance and speed?

( Velocity / distance / time ) Velocity (speed) = distance / time So > distance = velocity * time

The distance between speed and velocity is that velocity includes?

Velocity includes direction. And it's the 'difference', not the 'distance'.

What is the difference between speed of sound and velocity of sound?

Speed is the rate of change of distance with time. Velocity is a measure of both speed and direction of a moving object. Velocity is the rate of change of displacement with time. Speed is a distance an object goes, velocity is measurment of speed AND direction.

What is the difference between speed velocity and acceleration?

Speed is the rate of change in distance, whereas velocity is speed and direction of travel. Acceleration is the change in velocity (including direction).

Differences between speed and velocity?

Speed is how much distance is being covered in a certain amount of time, but velocity is speed in a given direction.

Whats the difference between average velocity and instantaneous velocity?

the instantaneous velocity or speed is the speed a body travels at a particular and average velocity is the total distance an object

What are the difference between speed and velocity?

Speed is distance divided by the time taken Velocity is distance in a particular direction divided by the time taken. Velocity is a vector quantity while speed is a scalar quantity. That means that velocity include information about the direction of movement, while speed does not.

What are the differences between speed and velocity?

Speed is the distance an object travels per unit of time and velocity describes the speed and direction of a moving object.

When does the speed of an object change?

An object's speed changes whenever the rate of change between the distance the object travels and the time it takes to travel that distance changes. Do not confuse speed with velocity; speed is scalar, and velocity is vector. Velocity can change when speed remains constant.

What are some equations for speed and velocity?

speed=distance/time. velocity=distance/time+direction.

How would you differentiate between speed and velocity?

Speed is the magnitude of distance travelled per unit time, whereas velocity depends on the magnitude of distance travelled as well as the direction of motion. Speed is a scalar quantity, velocity is a vector. Speed cannot be negative, velocity can be negative. Average speed of an object after travelling a certain distance is always non-zero, but for velocity the average velocity can be zero (this follows from the previous idea).

What is acceleration velocity and speed?

Speed is (distance covered) divided by (time taken to cover the distance).Velocity is a speed and its direction.Acceleration is any change of velocity.

What the Formulae for velocity and speed?

You can get speed or velocity by dividing distance moved, by the time it takes to move that distance.

What is the distance between mars and earth in mph?

There can be no sensible answer. "mph" is a unit for measuring speed or velocity, not distance.

What is the difference between average speed and average velocity?

speed is a scalar quantity ie it has no directions...........whereas velocity is a vector quantity ie it has directions...................Also speed has distance n velocity has displacement

What are the significant similarities between speed and velocity?

-both have displacement - both quantities has speed - in both speed and velocity their is the distance traveled I do it for a science journal recuperation, i hope you understand.

What is the Speed and how is it calcuated?

speed, or velocity= distance/time

Define speed and velocity?

Speed = distance covered in some period of time/time to cover the distanceVelocity = Speed and the direction it's going

Is Distance the magnitude of average velocity?

No. Average velocity is still a velocity.Distance is a product of (a velocity or speed) times (a length of time).

How can velocity be zero but not speed even if the object is moving with speed?

Speed is distance by time and velocity is displacement by time. If an object is moving with speed distance can never be zero but displacement can. So we say velocity can be zero.

What the relation between the time and the speed required to cover a fixed distance?

Speed is equal to distance divided by time. In physics there is a formula that shows the relation between time, distance and the speed. That v=d/t . Here v is velocity/speed d is the distance and t is the time

What are difference between speed and velocity?

Velocity is speed with direction

When is speed equal to magnitude of velocity?

Speed is equal to the magnitude of velocity almost always. Speed is total distance / total time no matter which way the distance goes. Velocity is the distance from a starting point divided by total time.

What is the speed of an object in a certain direction?

Speed is distance/time or distance per unit of time. It is velocity that is distance/time in a given direction. Velocity can be said to be speed in a certain direction.

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