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What is the dot in the middle of a dot and cross diagram?

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i need to know this information and much more information for school. and i wish you can help me on it. what does a dot diagram show? what are two things a dot diagram must show? how can the group number help in determining the number of valence electrons? what is true for the dot diagram for every element in a group? what is helium's dot diagram? why is helium's dot diagram different? what do electron configurations show? how is the total number of electrons for an aton determined? what do all the number in the electron configuration equal to? why is knowing the period an element is in necessary to write a correct electron configuration? what does the group number tell us about the electron configuration? what are the electron configurations of Lithium (Li), Carbon (C), Magnesium (Mg), Silicon (Si), Chlorine (Cl), Potassium (K)?

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Have Nitrogen in the middle with the three Hydrogens each forming a single bond with it.

Go to Google and click on "Images". Search for "Dot diagram of mercury". The first image will show the Lewis Dot Diagram of the said element.

I dont't know why are you asking me?

There are two types of diagrams one is the Lewis diagram the other is the Electron dot diagram. To make the electron dot diagram you put the electron symbol and put a dot on one of the sides for each period (you don't count the middle section.) . . :Ne: = Neon dot diagram ' '

The dot and cross diagram, or Lewis structure, for hydrogen bromide is as follows: Place a Br atom in the center and single bond it to one H atom. The Br atom then has 3 lone pairs placed around it.

lewis dot diagram for hno

The dot diagram for lead is:●● Pb ●●

diagram of calcium chloride isCaCl2 ** ** **Cl *.Ca .*Cl** ** ** where ** represent the pair of electron on Cl and * is singal electron.

I assume you mean Lewis dot and cross diagrams so I'll link an example.

What is the Lewis dot Diagram for Carbon Tetrafluoride?

the dot diagram for cl is two dots on top

the Lewis dot diagram for element Li is 1.

how do you draw an electron dot diagram for silicon

A dot diagram (also called an Electron Dot Diagram, and a Lewis Structure) is a way to show the valence electrons that surround an element. See related link for a good lesson on how to make a dot diagram.

A Dot-And-Cross Diagram only shows the outer layer of the covalent bond's electrons.

The dot diagram for Neon is made up of two shells with the first shell having two 'dots' and the second having eight. This because the atomic number is ten. How to draw it: Have one dot in the middle and draw two circles around it. On the circle closest to the middle have two dots on it. Have eight on the outside circle.

Louis Dot created the Dot Diagram.

the Lewis dot diagram for neon is as follows. .: Ne :. .

Lewis structure, electron dot diagram, electron dot structure...

..C..But more together but this is a Lewis dot diagram of carbon.