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the driving force for erosion is , when bad things come out of driving that involves erosion.

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Q: What is the driving force for erosion?
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What is the driving force behind all agents of erosion?

Gravity is the driving force behind all agents of erosion. If there is no gravity, rain will not fall and running water will not happen. Similarly, wind, glacial activity and waves are driven by gravity.

What is the driving force behind weathering and deposition earosion?

Deposition 'erosion'? Water, wind, glaciers, waves, and gravity are considered the five agents of erosion.

Does erosion apply force?

Yes. Erosion is weathering. It's can apply force but doesn't have to.

Which force of erosion is the most important?

The most important and strongest force of erosion is Water.

What is the driving force behind weathering deposition and erosion?

Temperature Change is the driving force behind Weathering by Exfoliation. Continuous alternation of wetting and drying of rock masses results to an uneven expansion and contraction of their surface, as a result of this, an heaving and sagging mechanism is put in place and this eventually results to sheeting of the rock surface, which latter falls off.

What force is causing erosion?

Friction causes erosion through wind or water.

Wind as an erosional force is?

wind is an agent of erosion which causes sheet erosion

Is erosion that wears away mountain tops constructive?

No. Erosion is a destructive force.

What is a force that changes land?


Are waves a major force of erosion along coasts?

Yes waves are a major force of erosion along coasts your answer would be true :)

A landslide is an example of?

Landslides are caused by the force of gravity pulling on the rocks.

What is the fundamental force that is responsible for erosion?

Either water or air, depending on where the erosion occurs.