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A Type Of Treatment For Erectile Disfunction (ED)

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Q: What is the drug Viagra taken for?
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Is Viagra bad for you?

Any drug can be bad for you if taken without medical supervision. Viagra is a prescribed drug in most countries. If taken according to the instructions it is not bad for you.

Is Viagra considered a drug for drug testing?


Is Viagra a performance enhancing drug?

Viagra is not a performance enhancing drug. Those are the steroid type drugs. Viagra is a erectal disfunction drug for use in male patients with that problem.

What does Viagra do to girls?

Viagra is a medication that is only approved by the FDA for men. Studies have not officially been published with effects on girls. Rumor from some women who have claimed to have taken Viagra said there have been little to no effects with the drug.

What type of drug is Viagra?

Viagra is a drug that helps old people that cant have fun with there othere do it again

Will taking Viagra make you fail a stick tesy drug screen?

No, taking the drug Viagra will not make you fail a drug test.

What popular drug was discovered on february14 was it penicillian cialis or Viagra?


Is Viagra a prescription only drug?

Yes of course! Viagra is 100% prescription only drug in many countries.

Will Viagra show on a drug test?

No. Viagra is not considered a substance of abuse. It is not tested for on any known drug screen.

How to use Viagra?

Viagra is used for treatment of ED. This drug is taken before sexual activity (1 hour before is the most effective). Avoid eating grapefruit or drinking before taking Viagra. Pls consult about the dosage from your doctor.

What is the fair price of Viagra in mercury drug?

what is the price of viagra in mercury drugstore

If you were to get a drug test how long after taking Viagra would it be out your system?

Viagra wouldn't show up on a drug test its not a narcotic

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