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MCA is 3 years course. Either you do it before or after BCA.


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Q: What is the duration of mca after bca?
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What is the duration of mca after bca through mdu?

The duration of mca is two years after completing bca

Can you do mca after completion of bca?

yes,bec after bca . Mca becomes easy to learn

What should you do after BCA graduation?

i will do mca after bca

Why is there is a jump from metallurgy diploma to BCA and then to MCA?

The BCA is most likely a bachelors degree. The MCA is a masters.

What is better to do after BCA?


Which one is better mba or mca after doing bca?


You have done bca what should you do next?

After bca iam go for mca because mca is the best for next comming year . there are lot of job besd on mca so i gofor mca. and after mca we do self in IT sector

What is better after Bca in MBA or Mca?

after BCA better is MCA than that of MBA.Because from BCA u r able to get base in almost all computer mca course is very easy.but it is not possible for MBA

What is best for BCA student MBA or MCA or MMS?

The best masters degree for a BCA student is either an MCA or an MBA.

Is MCA a 2 year course after BCA?

its a 3yr course after bca.....

Who can do BCA?

u can mca or mba

After bca from tilak maharashtra university can i do mcs or mca from mumbai university?