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Earth's lower mantle is mainly made of a toothpaste-like substance consisting of super-heated rocks and minerals.

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What is the meaning of mantle?

there are two parts to the mantle. there is th upper and lower mantle. to the earths interior

Earths lower mantle lies just below?

The lithosphere lies just below Earth's lower mantle.

What is the names of the earths surface?

The Crust below that is the upper mantle then the lower mantle and then the core

What is earths mantle made out of?


Have scientists drilled into the earths Lower Mantle?

No. This has not occurred, yet.

Is the earths mantle made of liquid?

No. The Earth's mantle is a ductile solid.

What is the depth kilometers and temperature of the earths mantle?

mantle is divided into two parts upper and lower mantle. Upper mantle is 700km thick and lower mantle is 2200km thick and the temperature here is 3000'c.

Is lower mantle liquid or solid?

The LOWER MANTLE is a SOLID and encloses the iron-rich hot core, which occupies 15% of Earths volume.

How does plate tectonics affect the mantle?

Tectonic Plates float on top of the earths mantle, the earths mantle is made up liquid which is always circulating.

The thickness of the earths mantle?

The overall thickness of the earth's mantle (both upper and lower mantle) is about 2885 km, or 1795 miles.

What is the composition of the Earth's lower mantle?

•Thet Low•The Lower Mantle is made of Olivine, Pyroxene, and Feldspar.v •The Lower Mantle is made of Olivine, Pyroxene, and Mantle is made of Olivine, Pyroxene, and Feldspar.

Earths lower mantle lies just below the?

Asthenosphere :P

What is earths lithosphere made out of?

it is made out of the outer mantle and the crust.

What lies below Earths Lower Mantle?

From the outside into the Earth. It goes Crust, Upper Mantle, Mantle, Outer Core, and Inner Core

Why does water float on the earths surface?

Oceanic crust is denser than continental crust, it floats lower in earths mantle.

What is the earths middle mantle made of?

its three layers of the mantle and the middle mantle is were the asthenoshpere is located also through the mantle there are convection currents

What is the upper mantle and lower mantle?

lower mantle is lower than upper mantle and middle mantle upper Mantle is lower than lower mantle and middle mantle

Which of the Earths layers is just below lower mantle?

The molten bit of the Iron core.

What is the Earth's lower mantle made out of?

The earth's lower mantle is composed of an olivine mineral with a perovskite structure.

About 80 percent of earths volume is made up of?


What is 80 percent of Earths volume made up of?

The mantle.

What is earths middle mantle made of?

Molten rock and mineral

How much of earth mass is made up by the mantle?

The Mantle accounts for about 79% of the earths mass

How many layers in earths mantle?

there are 7 layers in earths mantle.

What is the earths mantle heated by?

the earths Mantle is heated by the lava that is under neath the Mantle

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