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choose the first map the one with grass and dirt road now put two or three reg. monkeys in the beginning if any get past use spikes when you have enough money buy the boomerang and set it kinda close to the beginning and definitely upgrade to it being able to destroy lead balloons after you buy more defenses you will run across a spike o pult just set that on the straight away (the straight line) and it will become very handy at times now get the super monkey after alot of work and set it in the middle and upgrade it fully it should take up the whole map =) and keep using spikes when needed and after a while you won

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Q: What is the eaziest way to beat balloon tower defence 3?
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What do you do after you beat pewter gym in tower of defence?


How do you beat pokemon tower defence on challenge mode level 2?

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How do you beat pewter gym pokemon tower defence?

Easy just get as many plant or water type pokemon and you will beat it

How do you beat mtmoon1 on Pokemon tower defence?

get bubble beam on hm and there you go same on mtmoon2

How do you beat cinnabar island in Pokemon tower defence?

use water pokemon lv 80 or higr

How do you beat Zapdos in Pokemon tower defence?

use a jynx that knows perish song and use it when it is l.v 100

In pokemon tower defence how do you get a shiny pokemon?

you have to beat the first challenge on challenge mode or you have a 1.8 percent of getting it in the wild

How do you beat the elite four in Pokemon tower defence?

you have to use move like yawn whirlwind rest roar and helping hands

How do you beat the battle tower in diamond?

you cant beat the battle tower

How to beat the regi tower?

there is no such thing as the"regi tower"

How do you get coins for Tower Defence 5?

Do you mean legendary coin? Well if you do then you have to do the tasks on the bottom. You defeat the villain but its pretty hard cause i have no idea what the heck are the villains!

How do you beat level 9?

Free the balloon at the bottom and as the red balloon goes up pop the tnt balloon as it passes it and pop the last tnt balloon.