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it can range from tons of different things, like death,house damage, and more it can be very bad

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How do landslides effect the environment?

they can ruin habitat \

What effect do landslides have on landforms?

they have hilss and moistures

What effect does landslides have on the environment?

Landslides can contaminate running water supply and native animals can loose their homes.

What is the effect of landslides on wild life?

landslides can destroy animals habitat and therefore they won't have a place to live.

What effect do landslides have on land forms?

landslides effect the land by severely altering it causing large boulders to come running down due to water erosion.

Does soil erosion cause landslides?

Soil erosion may not necessarily cause landslides but landslides can be a side- effect or result of soil erosion and mass wasting.

What can effect landslides?

Vegetation, angle of slope, undercutting of the foot, hight of the water table, soil rheology, earthquakes, rainfall, human activity, geology call all effect landslides.

Is landslide an effect of soil erosion?

Yes it is. Erosion causes landslides

What are the surface effect at a divergent boundry?

sea floor spreading and landslides

What effect does landslides have on places?

Usually disastrous. Death, destruction, injury, displacement.

What are geomorphological hazards?

Geomorphological Hazards are hazards which effect the shape of the earth with landslides, coastal erosion etc.

Are landslides real?

Yes. Landslides are real events.

What are landslides of the Rocky Mountains?

what are the landslides of the Rocky Mountains

Areas in India where landslides occur?

resent landslides in India

Where did landslides occur?

Landslides occur all over the world.

How do landslides form and work?

landslides are formed when the soil is too dry or wet landslides are formed when the soil is too dry or wet landslides are formed when the soil is too dry or wet

Describe one effect of weathering on a cliff?

Erosion, which may cause landslides. Hope this helped cause that's all I know!

How do landslides effect earth's surface?

Earthquakes make earth's surface move downward just like a mudslide, or up, sometimes.

Is air pollution cause landslides?

no air pollution does not cause landslides

Does Neptune have any landslides?

there is no landslides on Neptune because it is a gas giant.

Where are landslides located?

Some landslides are located in hilly areas,one is in colorodo

How are landslides formed by heavy rainfall?

Yes landslides are formed by heavy rainfall

What is an example of fast mass movement?

landslides/bogbursts/mudflows the best answer is landslides

What are 5 ways to prevent landslides?

What are all the ways to prevent landslides.

Does gravity causes landslides?

Gravity is indeed the main force causing landslides.