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Movies can have a positive effect on youth, and a negative effect on youth. The effect movies have depend on the content of the movie. Movies with positive moral stories can influence youth to display good morals. Movies with violence can encourage the display of aggression in youth.

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Q: What is the effect of movies on youth?
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Effects of movies on youth?

Its depend on the children,what they believe on their saw movies. When movies is like scary the effect on youth are afraid on that situation. Comedy movies also effect the youth like, they joke their friends what they saw in this movies.

What is positive effect of cinema on youth?

good influence of movies on young people

What is the affect of movies on youth?

As a youth like me I ruther watch many movies and it's effect my everyday life cuase movie give me motivation to how is life it is, To all youth they wanted to watch movies to make they self relax and have chill in just an hour.

How INDIAN movies affect on youth?

Some people feel that violence in Indian movies is?ænegatively affecting the youth. Many others feel that Indian movies positively affect youth by teaching them about life.

What is the effect of misleading advertisements on youth?

effects of misleading advertisments on youth

What actors and actresses appeared in YOUth Effect - 2014?

The cast of YOUth Effect - 2014 includes: Kelly Lovell as Herself - Host

Effect of violence movies on youth?

little to none, there has not been any experiment on this subject that supports that violence in movies makes children more violent. little to none, there has not been any experiment on this subject that supports that violence in movies makes children more violent.

How do movies affect the youth?

Movies affect the youth in a huge way nowadays. A movie is a way to escape this life. Kids see what's in the movie as real life, whatever it is.

What is the effect of Youth rebelling?

what are effects of Countercultural Movement

Effect of cinema on youth is it good or bad?

Both Some times it is good and some times it is bad Best movies for youth: 1] Blinded By The Light 2] Kidulthood

Is the National Youth Administration still in effect today?

no it was only in effect from 1935 to 1943

Bad effect of cinemas on youth?

youth want to copy their hero/heroine and land up in trouble

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