What is the effect of two land plates colliding?


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This can create a mountain or more commonly a volcano that will form a mountain. It also causes earthquakes. it would make a Earthquake

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The Nazca and the South American plates are colliding forming the Andes Mountain.

It is called a *colliding boundary*. A colliding boundary is where two plates move towards each other.

Two tectonic plates colliding .

The categories are a continental and a continental plate colliding, continental and oceanic plates colliding, and oceanic and oceanic plates colliding. The two continental plates form mountains. The continental and oceanic plated colliding cause subduction zones and volcanoes. Oceanic and oceanic plates colliding form a trench.

The movement or action of the plate determines what type it is. When two plates collide, they are creating a convergent boundary. Therefore you could state that they are convergent (or colliding) tectonic plates.

Two plates will shift and push against each other. Often, the two plates will rise forming a mountain.

No, usually no subduction occurs when continental plates collide.

Two plates colliding and one being pushed upwards is called subduction.

Two colliding continental plates will cause an uplift. An example would be the Indian sub-continent colliding with Asia creating the Himalaya mountains.

Convergent plate boundaries is where two plates are colliding together.

two plates of equal weight colliding

The boundaries between two colliding plates is called a convergent boundary. Earthquakes and volcanoes are common near convergent boundaries, a result of pressure, friction, and plate material melting in the mantle.

A colliding plate boundary is the same thing as a convergent boundary. It occurs when two plates collide, forming mountains and volcanoes.

North American Plate and the Pacific Plate.

i think the earth gets effected from the moving plates wich effects the earth because when the two plates move it causes tiny vibrations They affect earth by colliding on one another that causes an earthquake or tsunami

Along their colliding (convergent) boundary.

The thrusting up to form mountain ranges, as when India collided with Asia to form the Himalayas. The subduction of tectonic plates causing friction, melting of rock, and the forming of volcanoes. These are just two examples of the result of tectonic plates colliding.

A subductional plate boundary is a boundary where two plates of are colliding, and one plate subducts, or goes underneath, the other. This happens because the plates have different densities, and the denser one subducts when they collide. If two plates that are colliding have the same densities, they will push upward, forming mountain ranges like the Himalayas.

Two plates colliding will generate both regional and contact metamorphism. The point of contact would have contact metamorphism while surrounding parts would be regionally metamophrsed.

I think it is two ocean plates colliding each other forming small islands

at a boundary between two colliding continenetal plates

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