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What is the effect of water on teeth?

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If you have "city water" it is actually beneficial to your teeth as it has flouride added to it to help prevent decay Pure water itself has essentially no effect on teeth, since the solubility of tooth enamel in water is very small. However, a high amount of fluid/saliva in the mouth for extended periods can contribute to an environment that permits faster plaque buildup; this is sometimes noted by dentists among people who breathe solely through their mouths.

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How the water effect the teeth?

water does not really have an effect on teeth because there isn't anything in it to harm your teeth.

Does water harm teeth?

water by itself is harmless, but minerals in water can have an effect on teeth.

What effect does salt water have on teeth?

It Rory's the netves

Can you drink water before you have your wisdom teeth pulled?

yes you can. because it does not have any effect on your wisdom teeth.

What Effects does water have on teeth?

Water has no effect on your teeth. It acts as a buffer to wash down any leftover sugars from your mouth. I am doing a science fair project on the effects certain drinks have on your teeth. I am soaking the teeth and have made a hypothesis that the water is going to have no effects on your teeth.

What effect does smoking have on teeth?

What effect does smoking have on teeth?

What effect does root beer have on your teeth?

The Effect of root beer on your teeth if you lived on it forever, your teeth would rot and decay.

What effect does listerine whitening have on teeth?

It whitens your teeth.

What effect does fanta have on teeth?

it turns your teeth yellow

How does alcohol effect teeth?

it makes your teeth yellow

What is the effect on milk on teeth?

It strengthens your teeth with calcium.

How does clenching your teeth effect you?

It makes your teeth witer

What does water do to your teeth?

water does nothing to your teeth

What effects does cola have on false teeth?

it has no effect on false teeth

What effect does sprite do to our teeth?

It's just like dropping mentos candy in a bottle of water, it fizzes and blows up like crazy! It bad for your teeth, it actually gets rid of things that keep your teeth healthy!

What is the effect of sugar on the teeth?

It erodes your teeth and can lead to problems in the future

Does the pH in soda effect teeth?

it stains them and makes your teeth super sensitive

Does lemon juice effect teeth and bones?

yes. it deterierates the teeth and bones

What effect does citric acid have on teeth?

Basically, it "melts" the teeth and slowly decays...

What effect do energy drinks have on teeth?

rot your teeth until nothing left

How do lollies effect your teeth?

the acid in the lollies absorbs into your mouth sticking to your teeth and the strength in the acid stains your teeth

What is the effect of orange juice on teeth?

it has citric acid, any acid will destroy teeth.

How do energy drinks effect teeth?

Energy drinks have high sugar content, which can rot teeth or damage the enamel on teeth.

What effect does sugar have on teeth?

It causes cavities

What is the effect of lemonade on teeth?

it can make cavities