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There is no electronegativiy value in Argon.

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Q: What is the electronegativity of argon?
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What is electronegativity of argon?

It is unknown.

Can lithium and argon bond?

No. Argon is a noble gas which makes it nearly impossible to bond anything to it. There have been instances in the Lab which have resulted in ArOF which is the only compound known with Argon in it. The only reason that holds together is the strong electronegativity of flourine and oxygen. Lithium doesn't stand a chance.

Why do helium neon and argon have no electronegativity values?

Electronegativity is a measurement of the power of an atom to attract electrons. The Noble gases, like helium, neon, and argon all have full valence shells. This means they are very stable and have no need to bond. There are several methods of calculating electronegativity, and some of those methods do give values for the Noble gases. However, these numbers are not generally meaningful since the noble gases do not have a measurable electron affinity. Several of the noble gases can form bonds under special curcumstances.

Which element will never have a positive oxidation number?

Helium (He) is one such element. So is Argon (Ar). There are probably others as well.

How much is argon useble then neon?

The word use is kind of ambiguous, but to get an idea look up each of their electronegativities: They both have zero electronegativity so they both are pretty useless in chemical reactions.

What attractive force draws in surrounding electrons for chemical bonds?


What is lead's electronegativity?

Pauling electronegativity 2.33 Sanderson electronegativity 2.29 Allred Rochow electronegativity 1.55 Mulliken-Jaffe electronegativity 2.41 (sp3 orbital) Allen electronegativity no data

What is the temdency of an atom to attract electrons called?


What properties tells the most about stability of a metal?

You think probable to electronegativity.

What happens to electronegativity as you go across a period?

The electronegativity increases

What is the electronegativity of potassium?

.8 Is the electronegativity of Potassium

What is electronegativity of iron?

the electronegativity of iron is 1.8