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Q: What is the electrostatic series used for?
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What is the difference between electrostatic series and triboelectric series?

Terminology. It amounts to the same information.

Can a woolen cloth be charged by friction?

yes, refer to electrostatic series

Where can you rent an electrostatic paint sprayer?

You can't. Electrostatic sprayers require training to use and are only used commercially.

Purpose of electrostatic series?

Physics ni Sir Belnas.. For my Classmates and Schoolmates... Electrostatic Series: A list that ranks the objects ability to take negative charges. · Rubber (Items at top take negatives) · Ebonite · Polyethylene · cotton · silk · wool · glass · acetate · fur/hair (Items at bottom lose negatives) ONLY NEGATIVE/Electrons CHARGES MOVE! by. Eayan V. and Andrew G.

What are the four names of applications that use electrostatic principles?

Electrostatic paint sprayer, used for the coat of paint on a car, plane, etc. Photocopier. Electrostatic precipitator, used to clean polluted air. Sorry, I only know three.

What can be used to prevent electrostatic discharge?

grounding strap

Why electromagnetic deflection is used in tv-crt rather than electrostatic as in cro?

Electromagnetic deflection is used because it can create greater deflection angles of the electron beam compared to electrostatic deflection.

What types of capacitors are used in fluorescent tube starters?

electrostatic capacitor

How many year ago use first electrostatic plotter use?

Electrostatic PlotterDuring 1980s electrostatic plotters were introduced into the market. Those were actually large format electrostatic printers which work similar to the ordinary printers. Although they didn't use any pens, they were also referred to as plotters. Later in 1991, HPintroduced the inkjet plotter (HP Designjet), which eventually replaced electrostatic plotters. Since then, HP has been dominating the plotting industry with its DesignJet series.3

What energy is used to form a ionic bond?

Electrostatic energy is used to form an ionic bond. An ionic bond forms from the electrostatic attraction between a positively charged ion and a negatively charged ion.

Where in Colorado can you rent an electrostatic paint sprayer?

If Colorado is like most other areas, you can't. Electrostatic sprayers require training to use and are normally only used commercially.

What is the term used to express the amount of electrical current stored in an electrostatic field?