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What is the elements of computers?

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computers are made of silicon-motherboard aluminum-case some steel(iron) there are some i missed they also used dirt

2012-12-17 19:42:14
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Q: What is the elements of computers?
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Are non metal elements never used in computers?

Are Non-metal elements used in computers

What is the elements of computer system and their functions?

elements of computers and thier function

Can you install photoshop elements 7 on multiple computers?

Only if you bought a multiple computers package.

What are the green chemistry elements in computers?

mouse ups

How are elements of an array stored in memory?

The elements of an array are stored in consecutive memory in a computers internal memory.

Why were the ABC and ENIAC considered first generation computers?

Both used vacuum tubes as their active elements, as did other computers until about 1958.

What are the spreadsheet elements?

Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet program used on computers with Windows. The elements of a spreadsheet include columns, rows, numbers, boxes, and formulas.

What is the impact of these products to society?

Computers have impacted society in every aspect. From how products function, to how to elements of the products we use are created, to how we communicate, to how we work and live - everything is affected by computers.

What are computers made off?

Somewhere between 30 to 40 elements on the Periodic Table in very careful arrangements.

What elements are computers made of?

Some parts are made of plastic, others metals silicon(for chips), copper(for wires).

Which elements are used to make thematerial gallium arsenide that is used to make high speed computers?

gallium and arsenic

How structure and function of computer are different.explain with example?

Structure means how different elements of computer are interlinked, how they are interrelated. While organization referes to operation of different elements of computers in a particular structure

What elements are used in a factory?

Common elements are electric energy, water, vehicles, computers, workers, diversified types of machines, electronic devices, illumination, small mechanical devices and so on.

What are computers that are relevant to general computer users?

Most computer users use PCs, (personal computers). These general purpose computers can be used for pretty much anything, chances are that you are viewing this webpage on a PC right now. Smart Phones can also be considered computers, since they perform computational tasks and have almost all the elements of a regular computer.

What elements are necessary to acquire data through IT?

Specific equipment (computers) and software are needed to process data so that information can be acquired.

Function of mouse?

The comuter "mouse" is an input device for humans to interact with computers. A pointer on the computers display screen can be moved about by moving the mouse. The mouse has one or more buttons that are used to interact with elements displaying on the screen.

What is the use of vacuum tube in first gereration of computer?

I did't find anywhere that it was when I researched it. Over 99% of computers built from 1940 to 1958 used vacuum tubes as their active elements for: logic, power supply, memory sense/drive, etc. circuits. Other computers at this time were electromechanical, magnetic, and a small number of experimental transistor computers were built. From 1959 to about 1965 most computers used transistors as their active elements for: logic, power supply, memory sense/drive, etc. circuits. A small number off computers at this time were magnetic or used primitive monolithic ICs. From 1964 on more and more computers used ICs, of progressively increasing density.

What are the elements found in Computers that are harmful to human beings?

I've noticed that the cases can be quite sharp on my most sensitive parts. - M.S. EE

What is the most highest elements present in computers today?

Silicon and carbon because Silicon is used in processors and carbon in the plastic cabinet of a computer!

Why were the ABC and the ENIAC considered first generation computers?

They are first generation computers because they used vacuum tubes as active elements, as did almost all computers until 1958 when the first generation is usually considered to have ended. From 1958 on most computers used discrete transistors as active elements until 1964.Note: ABC & ENIAC are both very early first generation computers as they used ordinary Radio receiver vacuum tubes, not the more expensive Computervacuum tubes that were introduced about 1948 to 1949. The later Computer vacuum tubes were custom redesigned versions and were far more reliable than ordinary Radio vacuum tubes had been.

What toxic components are contained in computers and monitors?

Computers and their monitors may contain some of the following harmful elements: polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), cadmium, radioactive isotopes, chromium, dioxins, and mercury. This is why it is always advisable to dispose waste computer gadgets responsibly.

What are the different ways of communication?

many of us want to know different ways of communication and also your a female dogways of communication involve nonverbal and verbal communicationverbal communication ...............nonverbal communication is communication without words came out or speechless.Interpersonal communication. and by computers and computers and computers and computers and computers and computers and computers and computers and computers and computers and computers and computers

What elements are used in computers because they have properties of both metals and non metals?

Silicon and germanium semiconductors are most commonly used in memory and logic chips.

What has the author Ellen Marxer written?

Ellen Marxer has written: 'Elements of data processing' -- subject(s): Electronic data processing, Electronic digital computers

What are seven categories of computers?

the 7 categories of computers are: personal computers, mobile computers, game consoles, servers, main frames, super computers, and embedded computers!