What is the elevation of your house?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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It can mean the height from the ground to the roof peak, or the ground elevation above or below sea level.

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Q: What is the elevation of your house?
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What is the elevation of the White House?

the elevation of the white house is 340000

What is the definition of house elevation?

An orthographic view of some vertical feature of a house. (Front, rear, side, interior elevation)

What is the construction drawing that shows the front or rear side of the house?

Front Elevation, Rear Elevation and Side Elevation.

What is the highest elevation in Georgia?

Snoop Doggs House

What is the elevation green gables house?

30 feet

What is the elevation of 2736 Timberline Dr Eugene OR 97405?

This house is at 611 feet MSL.

Where is the highest elevation in collin county Texas?

I believe it is on the north side of Virginia Pkwy right at the end of Independence. The shed in the backyard of the house that is on that plot of land is at an Elevation of 799 ft.

How do you describe elevation?

An elevation drawing is a one dimensional (flat) execution of a portion of a floor plan or architectural rendering of a house plan. It is seen 'head on' or as if you were facing the particular wall or home from the front.

What is the definition of elevation?

It depends upon the context. In mathematics, elevation usually refers to how much something is raised, and the angle of elevation would be the angle between the horizontal and the direct line to the object. In ballistics, elevation is the angle of elevation of mathematics. In architecture, it refers to a vertical aspect of something, e.g. the front elevation of a house would be the vertical front of the house as someone looks at it from the street. In cartography (map making), elevation would usually refer to how high something is above [mean] sea level.

When an elevation drawing says north does that mean looking north or north side?

There are two schools of thought regarding elevation views of buildings. Some say that when you are standing to the north of a building, you are looking at the North Elevation, because THAT is the side that is FACING North. Others say that since you are LOOKING to the South, you are looking at the South Elevation. I myself am baffled that there is even this confusion. Consider this. If you are looking at a house and you can see the front door and the front side of the house, you naturally call this the Front Elevation. There is no ambiguity. You wouldn't think to argue that because you are LOOKING in the DIRECTION of the rear of the building, that you are looking at the rear elevation? That would make no sense at all! So why do some then insist that the name of the elevation is based on the direction you are looking? The North Elevation is the North side of the building. That's it, done!

What are characteristic of city?

A greater diversity of people. The elevation of crafts and specialized trades.

Is it better to build a house in a higher or lowest elevation?

It always depends. But if a family member has breathing problems, it is best to move to a lower elevation rather than higher because the higher the altitude, the less the air