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Q: What is the empirical formula for Ga2 (So4)3?
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What is the empirical formula of C10H4?

It is an empirical formula.

What is the relationship between empirical formula and formula unit?

A formula unit is an empirical formula.

How do you know if a formula is an empirical formula?

An empirical formula has no data about the structure of a compound.

What is the empirical formula for cortisol?

C5H6O is the empirical formula for Cortisol.

How are the empirical and molecular for a compound related?

A molecular formula is identical to the empirical formula, and is based on quantity of atoms of each type in the compound.The relationship between empirical and molecular formula is that the empirical formula is the simplest formula, and the molecular can be the same as the empirical, or some multiple of it. An example might be an empirical formula of C3H8. Its molecular formula may be C3H8 , C6H16, C9H24, etc. Looking at it the other way, if the molecular formula is C6H12O6, the empirical formula would be CH2O.