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SWAK is the episode.

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Q: What is the episode of ncis when tony gets the plague?
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What episode and season of NCIS does tony get Appendicitis?

He doesn't. Tony does, however, contract the pneumonic plague in the 23rd episode of season two.

What was the name of the plague tony had on ncis?

pneumonic plague

What illness did Tony DiNozzo on NCIS get that he almost died from?

Tony was almost killed by bubonic plague from a biological attack on NCIS.

Does tony dinizzo in NCIS get hurt?

No he does not die he recovers from being infected from the numonic plague. This is the episode before kate todd gets shot by ari. Also when Tony's beloved car gets blown up it is a set up created by jeans father who is the arms dealer tony has been following.

What is an episode of NCIS where tony gets hurt?

Season 2 - SWAK Season 5- Bury your Dead

What episode does tony almost die in NCIS?


What episode of NCIS does Tony get captured in?

Season 1 Episode 20 - Missing

What happens on season 2 episode 22 on ncis?

Tony opens a letter that's sealed with a kiss and releases a powder into the ncis office. Then tony breathed in the powder and was infected with the plague. This plague has been gentically altered to not be affected by anti-biodicts. as tony is in iscolation kate tries to stay by his side during this ordeal, tony about to die gibbs rushes in and tells tony that he will not die, then he hits tony on the head and says did you hear me you will not die

What episode did tony almost die from bubonic plague?

SWAK, and its Pneumonic Plague, not Bubonic.

In which NCIS episode did Ziva lick Tony's face?

In the episode called 'Driven' (4x11)

In the lasts episode of NCIS what did Tony whispered to Ziva?

He said~You are not alone.

Which episode of NCIS do Tony and Ziva start dating?

They aren't dating

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What episode and season of NCIS does tony get Appendicitis?

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