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33 and one third percent= two sixth.

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Is 33 and one third percent equivalent to one third?

Yes, finding 33 and one third percent of a number is equivalent to finding one third.

What 33 and 1 third as a fraction?

33 and 1 third = 33 1/3 or 100/3 in fraction

What fraction is equivalent to 18 over 33?

One way to get an equivalent fraction is to multiply the given fraction by 2/2, 3/3, 4/4,...fraction that is equivalent to 18/33 is 36/64.

What is 33 and one third percent as a fraction and decimal?

33 1/3%:= 0.3333 as a decimal= 3/9 or 1/3 as a fraction

What is 0.33 as an equivalent unit fraction?

0.33 as an equivalent unit fraction = 33/1000.33 * 100/100 = 33/100 in fraction

What are two equivalent fractions for 33 over 55?

theres only one equivalent fraction and that's 33/55 = 3/5

What fraction is equivalent to 33?

fractions equivalent to 33 = 33/1, 66/2, 99/3,...

How do you convert 33 and a third into a fraction?

As an improper fraction it is 100/3

What fraction is equivalent to 1.65?

It is: 33/20 as a fraction in its simplest form

What fraction is equivalent to 0.66?

It is: 0.66 = 33/50 as a simplified fraction

What is 1 over 3 equivalent fraction?

7/21 or 9/27 are both equivalent fractions to 1/3.... there are many others !

What is one third of one pound?

33.333333p recurring rounded to 33.3 express as a fraction 33 1/3

What is 33 out of 35 in percent?

For the fraction 33/35, the equivalent percentage is 94.28%

How do you spell 33rd?

The ordinal number 33rd is written out as "thirty-third." This is also used for the fraction 1/33 (one thirty-third).

What is the equivalent fraction of these decimals .50 .20 .75 .33 .10?

one half (1/2), one fifth (1/5), three quarters (3/4), one third (that would be 33 repeating but if it is just .33 it would be thirty-three over one hundred [33/100]) and one tenth(1/10).

Can 11 over 33 be reduced?

By dividing both the numerator and denominator of the fraction by 11, 11/33 becomes 1/3, or one third.

What is the percent of 1 third of the fraction?

Its either 33 and 1/3 %, or 33 and 1/2 %

What is the improper fraction with a denominator of 6 that is equivalent to 5.5?

The improper fraction with a denominator of 6 that is equivalent to 5.5 is 33/6

How do you write .33 as a fraction?

.33 is a fraction that can be expressed as 33/100. If the 3's in the decimal went on infinitly (.33333333333333333333333...) then it would be equivalent to 1/3.

What fraction is equivalent to 12 over 33?

12/33 = 4/11 in its lowest terms

How do you write 0.825 in fraction form?

0.825 is equivalent to 825/1000 = 33/40 as a fraction.

How do you put 0.33 into a fraction?

0.33 is a fraction. It is a fraction in decimal form rather than in the form of a ratio. However, that does not stop it being a fraction. Its equivalent, in rational form, is 33/100 which cannot be simplified further.

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