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What is the exact definition of maximum ceiling?

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maximum ceiling height of an indoor shuttlecock court

Ceiling height varies, 8'3" and up

Price floor is a minimum and price ceiling is a maximum.

The service ceiling of an aircraft is the maximum altitude that the aircraft can safely maintain.

The definition of a maximum in math is very simple. A maximum is a number that nothing can exceed in that situation.

The definition of tourism is everything to do with people who visit and bring money to the area in question. How they live, where they live and how they are going to be entertained, and how they are going to spend maximum amount of money.

18 inches maximum distance from the roof decking or ceiling.

That depends, in part, on the exact definition of "Solar System".That depends, in part, on the exact definition of "Solar System".That depends, in part, on the exact definition of "Solar System".That depends, in part, on the exact definition of "Solar System".

the exact definition of orbit is to revolve around, or move in an orbit

ceiling voltage is the maximum field voltage that the exciter can withstand before going into unstability

A price ceiling is the legal maximum price that may be charged for a particular good or service.

the ceiling broom is to clean the dust in the wall, cealing ang other stuff.

A coffered ceiling is a method of finishing a ceiling by building in indented boxes. The word coffer is a word that can mean box or chest, and as such a coffered ceiling is quite literally a "boxed ceiling."

There are two types of maximum altitude. The first is set by the FAA and is known as Service Ceiling and the second is the maximum altitude, above sea level, at which an aircraft can maintain horizontal flight under standard atmospheric conditions. This is called Absolute Ceiling. Absolute ceiling is also affected by another factor: weight.

price ceiling: a legal maximum on the price at which a good can be sold.

The service ceiling of a Boeing 747 is 43,000 ft. The maximum is 45,000 ft.

Service Ceiling: 43,100ft (13,140m)

The maximum service ceiling for the Airbus A330 is 42,650ft (13,000 metres).

Depends on your exact definition of a computer.

It is a maximum legal price that sellers can charge for a product or service.

Minimum price Think floor is the bottom which is the minimum. Think ceiling is the top which is the maximum.

1 pound = approximately 454 grams The UK definition is 453.59237g exact. The US definition is 453.5924277g exact.

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