Where the Red Fern Grows

What is the exact name of the coon trap of Where the Red Fern Grows?


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I guess you might be asking about the "log trap." This is the trap that Billy's grandfather, Grandpa, taught him to make. He taught him that you find a hollow log, cut a hole in the top, then put some nails down in the hold. Put something shiny, like a piece of tin, down in the hole. Wait a few days while your human scent goes away. The coon will put his hand down the hole to pick up the shiny item, something no coon can resist. Once the coon picks it up, he will never, ever let go. The nails will hold his paw in place. All the coon has to do to escape is release the shiny item, but he won't. Instinct causes the coon to hang onto it forever, until the hunter arrives to kill the coon. Grandpa told Billy it's a fool-proof way to catch a coon that never fails. It's called a log trap. I guess that's what you are referring to.