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Q: What is the example of evapotranspiration?
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What is the definition of evappotranspiration?


What does D mean on a water budget?

D -deficit Ea- actual evapotranspiration St-storage S-surplus P-precipitation Ep- potential evapotranspiration P-Ep- Precipitation - Potential Evapotranspiration

What is a source of enegry for evapotranspiration?


What is another term for evaporation?


What term is defined as the movement of water from plant soil and ocean into atmosphere?

This process is called evapotranspiration.

What is the potential evapotranspiration ratio?

The potential evapotranspiration concept was first introduced in the late 1940s and 50s by Penman and it is defined as " the amount of water transpired in a given time by a short green crop , completely shading the ground , of uniform height and with adequate water status in the soil profile ". Note that in the definition of potential evapotranspiration , the evapotranspiration rate is not related to a specific crop .

How do you measure evapotranspiration from a lowland rice field?


Transfer of moisture from land to air?


Which is the primary energy source for evapotranspiration?


What is the process of water escaping from the leaf?


What it the escaping of water vapor from a leaf?


Evapotranspiration during a storm is significant?

Evapotranspiration refers to the combined process of water surface evaporation, soil moisture evaporation, and plant transpiration. It is significant during a storm because the stormwater from evapotranspiration is a water budget component for wetlands, wet ponds, and other stormwater treatment practices.