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you can check out this site for some negative impacts

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Q: What is the explanation for the negative impact of incineration?
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Why does incineration have less environmental impact then landfill?

i guess because it doesn't take up as much room or smell and incineration gets rid of it does that sound bout right? (:

What negative impact does the impact have?

what is impact

What are three negative effects from sleep deprivation in teenagers?

Negative impact on physical growth, negative impact on metal agility and negative impact on immune system.

What negative impact can the lithosphere have on the hydrosphere?

What negative impact can the lithosphere have on the hydrosphere

Was there a positive or negative impact on society?

prompt:how did the railroads impact society, was it a positive impact or negative ?explain

What has the author Calvin R Brunner written?

Calvin R. Brunner has written: 'Incineration systems handbook' -- subject(s): Incinerators, Incineration 'Handbook of hazardous waste incineration' -- subject(s): Incineration, Hazardous wastes 'Hazardous air emissions from incineration' -- subject(s): Air, Environmental aspects, Environmental aspects of Incineration, Handbooks, manuals, Hazardous wastes, Incineration, Pollution 'Plasma arc and other thermal destruction technologies applied to persistent organic pollutants' -- subject(s): Plasma heating, Incineration, Hazardous wastes, Persistent pollutants 'Incineration Systems Seminar Notebook' 'Handbook of incineration systems' -- subject(s): Incinerators, Incineration

What is the meaning of incineration?

The meaning of incineration is the burning of waste materials in a furnace.

When was Toshima Incineration Plant created?

Toshima Incineration Plant was created in 1999.

When was Frederiksberg Incineration Plant created?

Frederiksberg Incineration Plant was created in 1903.

What is meant by incineration for what purpose it is used?

Incineration is burning up waste products.

Is consequence and impact same?

When you say consequences they are all positive. When you say impact, they may be positive or negative, such as positive impact or negative impact. But we don't use phrases like positive consequence or negative consequence. But there are surely positive and negative impacts! What do you say?

Who works at the incineration places?

The people who works at the incineration place is someone who knows about engeneering.