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.xls for 97-2003 and .xlsx for 2007 and 2010.

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Q: What is the extension for an excel file name?
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What is the file name extension of a Microsoft Excel file?

The file extension of MS Excel is .xmls

File extension for a Microsoft Excel document?

.xl is the file extension for Excel documents.

When a file is saved Excel automatically appends the extension to the entered file name which stands for Excel workbook?


What is the file extension for Microsoft Excel file?

Default file extension for MS Excel 2003 & earlier versions is .xlsDefault file extension for MS Excel 2007 & later versions is .xlsx

What is the file extension for Microsoft Excel 2000?

The extension for excel is .xls

In Microsoft Excel what is the extension automatically appended to workbook file name?

The standard extension for Excel workbooks is xls for versions up to 2003. Excel 2007 uses xlsx as its extension for workbooks.

What is the extension of the word document and Excel document?

For most typical Word documents the extension is .docFor Excel workbooks (spreadsheets) the extension is .xlsIn general the file extension is the 3 letter/number "code" after the period in the complete file name that gives a hint as to what type of file it is. For example, in the file name resume.docthe word resume is the file's actual name and the .doc tells you that it is a document file.

What is the file extension for an Microsoft Excel file?

Excel saves files using a .xls extension (Excel 2003 and earlier) or .xlsx extenstion (Excel 2007 and later).

What do the letters in the file name extension 'xls' mean?

They are short for "Excel Spreadsheet."

What does the acronym XLS stand for?

XLS is the shorthand for Microsoft Excel file extension. A file extension is the group of letters following a period in a file name, denoting what kind of file it is.

Is the file extension for word document xls?

* The file extension of a Word document is .doc * The file extension of an Excel speadsheet is .xls

What is the default file extension for all Excel file?


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