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Saturn has rings around it which the orbits Saturn.

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saturn has rings around it

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Q: What is the fact about Saturn?
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What is one fact about moon on Saturn?

is there a iteresting fact about saturn moon

What is an fun fact about Saturn?

Saturn is not the only planet with rings.

A fact of Saturn?

it is a ring planet

What is the most important fact about Saturn?

Saturn 1. Saturn was known from ancient 2. Saturn means the 6th planet from the sun and the

Is Saturn more dense than Earth?

no Saturn is less dense than earth in fact Saturn floats

Another What are fact about Saturn?

What is the gasses of Saturn? Mainly hydrogen, with helium the next most common gas.

Does the 2004 Saturn sedan have a timing chain?

Yes, in fact all Saturn ION's have timing chains

Who landed on Saturn first?

No one has landed on Saturn. In fact there isn't anywhere to land as it is a gas giant.

Does Saturn have Five rings or more?

Yes, Saturn has more than 5 rings. In fact, it has seven

What is mean density on Saturn?

The density of Saturn is less than the density of water, about 70% of water's density in fact.

What is a description of Saturn's landscape?

Saturn doesn't have a hard surface. In fact there is no surface. Saturn is not mountainous but they have said the moons are. You cant walk on Saturn's surface because it is not solid. Most pictures have shown that Saturn is a rocky planet.

Is the planet Saturn solid or gas?

Planet Saturn is gas in fact it is one of the gas giants.The gas giants are Jupiter,Saturn,Neptune and Uranus.Saturn is the second largest of them.

Is Saturn drinkable?

No. In fact, its gas composition may be deadly to humans.

Is there any special things on Saturn?

Well their is water, i think! By the way this is a random fact: Saturn is the largest and lightest planet in the universe.

Does Saturn produce hybrid vehicles?

No, Saturn does not offer any hybrid cars as of 2011. In fact, Saturn no longer made cars after 2009. The company ceased operations in March of that year.

Will there ever be life on Saturn?

Sometime in the future, there may well be life on Saturn. In fact, there may currently be life on Saturn, but it is too far away for us to go there or send a rover, currently.

What are unique features of Saturn?

The most unique feature of the planet Saturn is the fact that it has large rings around it made of space dust. Also, Saturn is a gas giant, which means that there is no solid surface.

What is a good What are fact to visit Saturn?

Maybe because Saturn is not that HOT and it might just be fun to visit a plane that no one else has visited before.

Saturn is larger than Mercury?

Saturn is much larger than Mercury. In fact Saturn has a moon (Titan) that is larger than Mercury. According to NASA the equatorial radius of Mercury is 1,516.0 miles. The equatorial radius of Saturn is 37,449 miles.

Fact about Saturn?

The planet Saturn is about 9 times larger than the planet Earth and is the second largest planet in the solar system. It has 9 rings around it.

If an answer is yes why is it yes?

An answer can only be "yes" if there is some fact or truth, or agreement with what was asked. Otherwise, the answer would be "no". Example: Can we live on Saturn? No. - statement of fact

Are parts from a 98 Saturn compatible with a 94 Saturn?

most parts are, yes some arnt if your going to or from a DOHC and SOHC in fact most Saturn parts are the same it makes finding repair parts a breeze!

What is one unique fact about Saturn?

It's density is so low, that it would float on water.

HOW many earth days would equal one day on Saturn?

24 days its a fact

Is saturn an outer planet?

Yes, it is an outer planet . In fact it is the 6th planet of our solar system.