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In "One Crazy Summer," the falling action occurs when the main characters return home from their time spent with their mother in Oakland. They confront their grandmother and begin to understand the reasons behind their mother's choices. The resolution of the conflicts between the characters leads to a sense of closure and reconciliation.

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Q: What is the falling action of the book one crazy summer?
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the rising action is what takes you to the climax of the story and the falling actions is what is after the climax.

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Yes, One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia is an Accelerated Reader (AR) book. It has an AR book level of 4.6 and a points value of 7.0.

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similar to the resolution of a book, The falling action occurs after the climax and is where all the loose ends of the story are tied up. This is also where you will see change in the characters affected by the solving of the main conflict. Also the dramatic scene in the story

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