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y tú

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Q: What is the familiar form of and you in spanish?
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You in Spanish?

You in spanish is tú, in the familiar form. Usted is used in formal situations.

How do you spell female in Spanish?

The term "female" in Spanish is hembra. (The familiar male form is hombre - male, man).

How do you say Are you typing in Spanish?

Estás teclando? (In the familiar Tú form) Está teclando? (In the informal Usted form)

What does y vos mean in spanish?

It means: and you. Vos is an alternative form of the singular familiar you form. It is commonly used in Argentina.

What is the comparative form of familiar?

"More familiar" is the comparative form of familiar. "Most familiar" is the superlative form.

What is come here in spanish?

Venga aqui. More often"Ven aqui", which is the familiar command form.

What are the seven spanish pronouns?

The seven Spanish subject Pronouns are: 'Yo', meaning 'I'. 'TÌ_', a singular, familiar form of 'You'. 'Usted', a singular, formal form of 'You'. 'Ìäl' or 'ella', meaning 'he' or 'she'. 'Nostros' or 'nostras, the forms of 'we'. 'Vostros' or 'vostras', the familiar, plural forms of 'you'. 'Ustedes', the formal form of the plural 'you'. 'Ellos, or 'Ellas', the two forms of 'they'.

Do you grow apples how do you say in spanish?

"¿Cultivas manzanas?" This is the familiar (tú) form. If you want the polite form (usted), it would be "¿Usted cultiva manzanas?"

How do you say how are you in spanish to a mom?

Since your mom is a family member, you would use the familiar form. It would be "¿Cómo estás?".

What is the meaning of the girls name Londra?

Londra is a familiar form of the Spanish name Alondra. In Spanish the name Alondra means variant of the name Alexandra: defender of mankind. Alondra is also the Spanish name for lark.

What is in your room in spanish?

Familiar form: "¿Qué hay en tu cuarto?" Formal form: "¿Qué hay en su cuarto?"

What is another word for pariente in spanish?

Familiar: Es un familiar (pariente) mío.