What is the farthest that a person can throw an American style football through the air?

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That depends entirely upon who is throwing the ball. Not factoring in wind conditions, quarterbacks like Brett Favre, Jeff George, and John Elway probably could throw it up to 80 yards at their peak. There was a QB in the 50's who supposedly could throw it 100 yards, but this is only a rumor and not based on fact. The commercials in which Michael Vick supposedly throws the ball 120 yards are entirely false. That is impossible.

Bo Jackson, in college, reportedly threw a football from one end zone to the other.

In a college QB competition, QB Joe Flacco (then at the University of Delaware, later with the Baltimore Ravens) recorded an 81 yard throw.

In 1997 Kansas State QB Michael Bishop threw one 93 yards in practice.

As part of a scouting combine, LSU QB Jamarcus Russell threw the ball about 85 yards, which is phenomenal (keep in mind that he is 6' 6" and about 260 lbs).

In competitive football, the length of the throw is not measured, but rather the length of the play, so there is no official record for Longest Throw. A distance of 80-90 yards (73-82 m) seems to be considered the longest. One NFL site lists an unofficial record for ball distance, which was 83 yards by Don Meredith of the Dallas Cowboys, part of a 95-yard pass to Bob Hayes on November 13, 1966.
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How do you throw a football?

To throw a football, hold the football in your hand with the laces under your fingertips. Then pull your arm back, to your head or past it. Bring your arm forward in a slightly curved outward motion, overhand. As you release the ball, close your hand, bringing your fingers inward (as if making a fis ( Full Answer )

Farthest football throw?

I heard that Ray Guy, the hall of fame NFL punter could throw a football from goal line to goal line (100 yards).

Farthest football kick?

I must assume you're referring to the longest field goals in football history. The longest field goal ever in an officially sanctioned game was 69 yards, kicked by Ove Johansson of Abilene Christian University (1976). In the NFL, the record is 63 yards, and three players have done this: Tom Demps ( Full Answer )

How far is the farthest baseball throw?

Farthest Baseball Throw: 445 feet 10 inches (135.89m) by Glen Gorbous of Canada August 1, 1957 while playing with the St. Louis Cardinals Triple A team. Glen Gorbus turned professional in 1949 with the Brooklyn Dodger Baseball Organization and played with their minor system until he was drafted b ( Full Answer )

How far can a football player throw a football?

A QB's arm strength is routinely exaggerated, so it is hard to find true information. However, I have been both a pitcher and a QB, and there is a direct coorelation between baseball pitching MPH and the distance you should be able to throw a football. Below is a chart based upon general observation ( Full Answer )

What is the farthest football kick?

Answer . Steve O'Neal of the New York Jets launched a 98-yard punt against the Denver Broncos on 9/21/1969.\n. \nThe longest successful field goat attempt is 63 yards by Tom Dempsey of the New Orleans Saints and Jason Elam of the Denver Broncos.

Why is American style football often called the gridiron sport?

After playing Football for many years Americas top coaches became frustrated that their top athletes were unable to make any impact on football. They decided that as football was too complex for their best athletes they would invent a more basic "cheap and easy" sport for them to play. Gridiro ( Full Answer )

How can air pressure of a football effect how far you can throw a football?

If there is very low air pressure, when you throw the ball it may act like a sponge and decrease the force that is actually propelling the ball. If you have higher pressure most of the force is going into the ball and since there is more pressure it is also taking on a more aerodynamic shape e.g () ( Full Answer )

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It depends. Surface Friction could vary. If a person was in the traditional parachute jumper freefall, it is slower and would never meet the terminal velocity of an individual falling through the air whereby his body is vertical. Statistics show . that a human falling through the air can reach up ( Full Answer )

What is the farthest men javelin throw?

Approx 98 meters. . Specifically 98.48 meters is the current world record, set in 1996 by Jan Zelezny. source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Javelin_throw

Which nfl quarterback can throw the farthest?

not really peyton manning can average 86 yards he has thrown farther but just not connected im sure he could throw roughly 93 or 95 yards if he connected but yah rothliensberger and brady are next

What are styles for throwing a javelin?

Typically Javelin is thrown via a run up. Half way through the run up the thrower turns sideways, and begins to side step before releasing the javelin. The amount of side steps often vary between athletes. See Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqdXk-EiAG4 There are 3 basic grips, but many peo ( Full Answer )

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The answer is the 180th Meridian at the equator, but this is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, some 550 miles north of Tuvalu. The nearest land mass to the furthest point from the prime meridian is Howard Island 0"48'28.47 N 176"37'06.50 W about 230 miles away

Who in the nfl 2009 can throw the farthest?

Such a contest to determine who can throw the farthest does not actually exist, nor is it part of the scouting combine. However, the smart money would likely be on JaMarcus Russell of the Raiders, who can purportedly throw the ball 80 yards with accuracy. Other candidates include Jay Cutler, Byron ( Full Answer )

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American football is like The Packers, Vikings, Cowboys, ect.. with the weird shaped brown ball n big dudes that takle each other and try to get touchdowns

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Don't confuse Speed with Power. Any air rifle can be made to shoot fast. Simply use the lightest weight pellet (Yes pellets come in different weights) and use Pelgun oil on the pellets. This doesn't make them accurate just fast. Lightweight pellets easily drift off target. The Fastest Air Guns are i ( Full Answer )

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The correct declension of the verb "to be" when used with a pluralsubject (personality styles) is "are". Thus your question isgrammatically incorrect. Also "personality styles" are a matter of opinion not fact so theycan be anything you want to call them - if they even exist.

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How far can a person throw a football?

There is no definitive record for the longest football throw inhistory, but many believe former NFL quarterback Vinny Testaverde's80-yard throw in the 1988

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