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Made mostly out of spongy material, Nerf toys are popular and safe for playing indoors. Ask questions about various Nerf products here.

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How do you remove the Air Restrictor?

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You put tomato sauce on it and the leak will reveal itself

How does the Nerf vulcan work?

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The Hornet is like the Magstrike. You must pump air into the chamber and then hold the trigger to fire its darts.

I do not own the Hornet, but you can experiment with the number of pumps to see which works best for you.

How much is Nerf barrel break?

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The Barrel Break IX-2 can shoot from 25-35 feet.

How do you detach the Nerf vulcan ammo box?

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I found that you can just pull it off

What Nerf gun can hold the most darts?

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Probably an unmodded Longshot CS-6, which could reach about 40ft. However, this isn't much further than what most Nerf Guns can reach.

How much money does the Nerf vulcan ebf 25 cost?

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the nerf vulcan costs about 49.99

What is the most accurate Nerf gun?

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Well, I'd say a Nerf gun with a scope. No gun is the most accurate-it depends on your accuracy. I'd say the Longshot, I think it has a scope. Plus, the blaster comes with 2 holsters for a 6-shot dart clip. I recommend it for accuracy.

(P.S. If you're actually looking for the best gun, I recommend the Stampede ECS. It can hold up to 18 dart clips. Plus, it has a grip and a shield to block a few darts.)

How do you fix a recon cs 6?

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It depends on what is wrong with it! Completely unscrew it and look for broken plastic. Glue will most diffidently help, and there is little that can't be fixed

What new Nerf guns are coming out in 2010?

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I've heard some news that Nerf is making most of the guns in the game, so possibly yes. I've also received news that the spartan ncs-12 is coming out too.

Can you take off the barrel from the Nerf longstrike?

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you can but it is hard you have to take apart the gun and pull the stock up and close the gun

How do you turn on the traxxas stampede?

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First, turn on your transmitter, then press and hold the button on the Speed Controller then wait until it turns red, one it does pull the trigger a bit to see it it will go.

How do you put the Nerf bullets back into the clip?

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well if your talking about the clip,you just put the dart in ,but when you put the second one push the first down then put the second one in then just keep doing that and thats how you put darts back in into the nerf recon cs6 by:jrock 54.

What is the best and cheapest place to get Nerf and other toy gun makes in Canada?

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The current list of Nerf blasters sold in Canada is:

Ball Blasters




Barricade RV-10

Stampede ECS

Vulcan EBF-25


Maverick REV-6

Firefly REV-8

Secret Strike AS-1

Hornet AS-6

(ZELLERS ONLY) Magstrike AS-10

(ZELLERS ONLY) Rapid Fire AS-20

Titan AS-V

Reflex IX-1

(TOYS R US ONLY) Reflex IX-1 6-Pack

Barrel Break IX-2


Switchshot EX-3

Nite Finder EX-3

(TOYS R US ONLY) Element EX-6

Recon CS-6

Deploy CS-6

Longstrike CS-6

(RARE) Longshot CS-6

(ZELLERS ONLY) Alpha Trooper CS-18

Raider CS-35

(TOYS R US ONLY) Unity Power System

Dart Tag






Quick 16

Sharp Shot


Speedload 6

Which Nerf gun is better the Recon CS-6 or the Stampede ECS?

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Neither. Buy yourself a paintball gun or a bb gun. Since your playing with Nerf guns I'm sure your not ready to handle real ones. But most definitely a paintball gun. They kick butt.

How do you open Nerf recon clip?

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you unscrew it

(another person) If you unscrew it even i can't open it. i think theres something in the clip that joins it together. the thing inside well i think it is, is not visible so try looking inside it.

Will the Nerf hydra sg-7 come out?

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No, it is purely gun fictional. It was "invented" for the video game

How much is the Nerf stampede in Australia?

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At certain retailers such as Walmart, the Nerf Stampede is available online at a reduced price of about $39.00 US. At list price, which is what many stores sell items for, the Nerf Stampede is closer to $60.00 US.

How much do used Nerf guns cost?

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It depends on the gun. It could be anywhere from 2 dollars (For the Secret Strike) to 50 (for the Stampede). Generally, the bigger and faster the gun, the more expensive.

What are the Nerf rules?

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You can play Dart tag, in which 2 players wear coloured vests and goggles and each player gets a blaster and has to shoot the opposing player on a points zone. When the players choose to stop the game the person who stuck the most darts on the corresponding points zone and has the highest score wins.

You can also make your own rules like, each time you shoot them you get 1 point and head shots equal 2 etc.

Is the Nerf thunderstorm waterproof?

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Yes it can go underwater. I recommend it awesome gun.

How many Nerf guns are there and what are they?

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lots and lots. this inclides:

bow n' arrow


manta ray



Airtech 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000



big bad bow




crossfire pistol

scout ix-3

rapid fire twenty





master blaster

supermax 1500, 5000


if you count off-brand guns as well there is:

Tek 6

tek 10

belt blaster


many of these guns are not avalible in stores anymore. its sad :(

How has LEGO impact us today?

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Completely. Lego has taken playability to a whole new level. Lego started in a basic workshop in the 1930s making wooden toys for children. It grew and grew over the years, coming up with their first modern minifigure in 1978, till the very day today. Lego is the most successful toy manufacture, and has astonished children and adults alike all over the world, and will continue to do so for sure in the future years to come.

What are Nerf bars?

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They are fancy chrome bars that mount under the doors so you can step up on them to get in the truck.

How much does a Nerf maverick cost?

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